he or she or he

Purely by chance (or was it??) I happened across some interesting images today whilst searching for some inspiration for a current design project.  Only just deciding to get into the internet world, and not having much of a mind for fashion, I am probably madly behind the pack here.  But what the hell – Andrej Pejic.  Ring any bells?  I found him today when googling “androgynous model photography”.  Heaps of images of this guy, who quite easily looks like a beautiful woman, came up.   Super fascinating and really intriguing.  I didn’t expect to find such a lack of gender boundaries in one person.  How can a man be so beautiful? And not only beautiful for a man, but genuinely beautiful for a woman.  The ironic thing is that minutes earlier I had saved an image of Pejic I found in a different google search and I had no idea it was a man.  I found it and was like, “cool, this is pretty much perfect for what I want to recreate”.  And recreate with a female friend of mine.  How funny.  An interesting place to start this blog I think.  Here’s the original picture I saved and then some more showing Pejic in more masculine images.  Enjoy and let me know your thoughts?  I reckon this male-for-female mistake is way more forgivable than anyone that questioned Taylor Hanson.


The original image I found.


Pejic looking like a dude.


Maybe taking things a little too far? Or the perfect way to trick your guy friends?

I’d love to hear your thoughts x

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3 responses to “he or she or he”

  1. stephjms says :

    He’s beautiful.


  2. Lilia Tijana Passiflora says :

    I love Andrej. He is really hot and also a very sweet person as I have talked to him longer once


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