The female form


I found this page from an old school magazine a while ago.  I don’t know what I was looking for, but I thought it was pretty cool and saved it to show a friend.  It’s nice to see women looking like real women.  My friend I was going to show it to hates the modern ideal of the skinny woman.  I have this thing for skinny arms (?!?), but I do agree that it is nicer to see women with soft curves rather than abs of steel.

I don’t know about the whole nudist thing though.  Personally, I can’t imagine doing anything like that.  And it’s not because I am uncomfortable with my body or anything.  I quite like being naked sometimes, I just think I’m too modest or shy for others to see.  I’m pretty private in general.  But maybe it’s one of those things everyone should try one day.  Because it seems that a lot of older people take it up or are found at nudist beaches.  Maybe because it takes all those years to build up the courage.  Or maybe by then you don’t see your body as a sexual entity anymore?

Anyway, I just thought this was a nice image to share and remind us of the beauty of women.  As they say, nothing is as sexy as confidence.  I love their poses and how they are representing themselves.  Strong and wonderful.

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