Egon Vs Kelly

I came across a New Zealand artist / illustrator today, called Kelly Thompson.  I love her work, it’s pretty much all portraits of women.  It kind of mixes art and fashion illustration and results in some very nice pieces.  Heres one I enjoy, especially the red hair.


It might be screamingly obvious to art buffs out there, but I noted a real similarity between some of her work and that of Austrian artist Egon Schiele.  Being a huge Gustav Klimt fan, I discovered Schiele when I was about 15 (?), and really like his work.  I know it’s a bit out there – too vulgar for some – but amidst the overly sexualized pieces there is some real beauty.

Now to some images in which I see strong parallels

The left image from Thompson made me think immediately of Schiele, and in particular this image I’ve paired it with.  Granted, they are different in that Thompson’s piece is certainly more modest.  But the borderline pre-pubescent bodies connect these strongly.  Both figures meddle with the lines between innocence and knowing sexuality.  Who provides the most visual pleasure for the male gaze though?  Or who is the more empowered woman?  Or are both simply objects of desire?? I’d love to hear some thoughts.

The second set of similarities

Pretty obvious with the stockings parallel!  But I just thought it was great.  Especially in these two (pretty much mirror) images.  And again, a similar kind of vibe or look coming from these women.  A certain come hither.

I don’t know much about Kelly Thompson, and haven’t done much (if any) research on her and her inspirations, but I would be utterly shocked if she didn’t take influence from Schiele.  And I love that she has.  So great to see a modern interpretation of his (some what out there or arguably degrading) representation of women.  Spanning time, space and perhaps above all gender, Thompson takes something great and creates some equally awesome art.

Pretty cool stuff x

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  1. plantopaint says :

    Really interesting read thanks!


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