What’s that doing?


I found this image of Catrin Claeson who is such a babe.  I especially like the shots of her in black and white, as they have a more artistic feel.  Some other stuff I see of her reminds me of bad catalogues.  I especially like this image as it reminds me of a mermaid. I guess the long hair, being topless and the tights suggest it all without having to go to the need of showing a tail.  I think that would be too much anyway and make it a bit cheesy.  It’s interesting though that there is that phallic addition – I don’t actually know what is peeking out there.  What is this achieving? Is it mocking men or masculinising her?  She’s empowered because she’s got a penis representation?  Ahh, I really don’t know.  But it bothers me more than I like it.  I would photoshop it out.


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