copyright Anna McKay 2012

This is a painting I did.  I was hoping to make it to the New Zealand Art Show and sell some work, but it seemed that the judges didn’t like me.  Never mind, now I get to keep it.  I haven’t actually ever sold any art yet.  I would like to as it would be great to get some income and also to know that people have liked and purchased my work!

I used acrylics on paper to make this image.  I really like it.  Her face is so simple (i.e. not much shadow / shading on her skin), but I tried to put nice detail into her eyes and lips so they grab you and draw you in.  I love striking art that you can’t just walk past.  So much stuff out there is good, but a lot of it you might not notice unless you were purposefully looking.  I think this is why I love portraits.  They are certainly harder to ignore, especially when the eyes take you on, or follow you around the room.  Beats landscapes for me any day.  But that’s just me.  What do you prefer?  Painting with people in them, or painting without people??

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7 responses to “Eostre”

  1. nonoymanga says :

    Fabulous work!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga


  2. ture schmidt says :

    If I would be the judge you would certainly be on the show! very nice work


  3. prewitt1970 says :

    It is a nice piece and yes the eyes and lips do draw one in. For me a piece with people must be so amazing as stop make me shop cold, or highly evocative in style and form. I do though live the eyes in your piece.


  4. jav3d says :

    This is stunning! I just love the look you have captured on her face and that slight parting of the lips. Very subtle!

    For this particular piece I also think you have just the right amount of detail on the face… any more shading would’ve changed or perhaps even spoiled the effect.

    She appears to be glowing. Only thing I could say perhaps is that the edges of her face where they meet the hair could’ve been just a wee bit softer.

    You should definitely paint more often! : )

    Was this done using a photograph as reference or just out of imagination?


    • thevisualfemale says :

      Thanks! Yeah, I should really try do some more painting. I am a bit slack at the moment with any creativity so I need to get my act together!!

      I painted this from a photograph that I found. I usually do this as I get inspired from what I see in real life. The cool thing with painting is that you can really transform the photograph into how you want – change the colours, make it more raw, or more faint or whatever essence it is you want to evoke.

      Hopefully I can post a new original piece soon… I just need to get inspired


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