Those Apples

Us women and those apples.  Always causing harm, if not to mankind, just to ourselves.  Obviously, Eve started it all and rightly so has been painted doing this.  I found a few versions of John Roddam Spencer-Stanhope’s representation, titled Eve Tempted.  I believe his is the top left, and others must be slight alterations done by others, or maybe by him too?  You know how hard it can be to find the truth on google, so sorry I don’t quite know what I’m talking about.

Loving the detail shot.  I reckon it would make a wicked huge sized canvas to hang in one’s abode.  Kind of want to do that now, but back to the apples.

The other apple lady that springs to my mind is good old Snow White.  Also tempted by the apple, Snow was poisoned and put to sleep until, lo and behold, a man (!) could come and rescue her.  Woken by true love’s kiss, Snow was lucky enough to re-enter the world.  I’m certain many of us would be waiting a long, long time for such a fate.  I found this image by Fernanda Suarez depicting Snow and the poisoned apple.

I think it’s superb.  I love the slight anguish on her face.  To me, the moment captured is when the poison has just set in and Snow realises what has happened but hasn’t quite slipped into the blissful slumber of sleep.  That moment of horror when you realize you’re powerless.  (If you want to get yourself a print of this check it out at society6.  You can also get gift cards and iPhone cases and skins there)

Great paintings.  Not necessarily the most uplifting subject matter, but don’t the grimmest subjects make the most captivating images?  Gotta love a little dark and twisted painting.  Or perhaps that’s just me.

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2 responses to “Those Apples”

  1. Through the Looking Glass says :

    woah, stunning imagery … love the collation of pieces and your particularly insightful last paragraph.


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