Man Ray

I’m a huge fan of Man Ray.  His work is just amazing.  (Plus he’s also a Virgo like me, so that’s pretty cool).

Although this isn’t one of my favourite pieces, it’s a pretty classic, recognisable one.  And I thought it was worth sharing seeing I found this modern take on it below.

Certainly more erotic, but I really like it.  It’s got a raw, sexy energy and showcases the female form beautifully.  I think the fact that she has her legs open in a kind of crouching position definitely sexualises it.  But to me, she is empowered and showing strength through sexuality.  Not a submissive female, which is always great to see.  And almost certainly the throwback to Man Ray adds an artistic, sophisticated feel and moves it past something that could be considered pornographic.

Nice work.

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