Tattooed Ladies

I thought I would post a few pics of these tattooed women.  It seemed appropriate as I have just finished a design brief which was kinda tattoo based.

Not typically what you think when you think chicks and tattoos.  These days it’s more of a hot chick, Kat Von D type image that springs to mind.  But the Victorian/Edwardian tattooed woman is great.  I especially love the one where she’s lying on her side as you can see exactly where her dress would sit.  Now there’s gotta be something a little sexy about not knowing a person was tattooed and then seeing that once you get their clothes off.  A little more surprising than your average tramp stamp.

Although I don’t know too much about the tattoo culture back then (I’ve read Magpie Hall, but that’s it), I think it must have been pretty exciting.  I guess in some ways tattoos have become pretty commonplace, so it’s only really a face tattoo that will startle you these days.  But if I got a guy home and found a fully tattooed body suit underneath I’d be pretty fascinated.  Imagine the hours you could spend looking and learning.

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3 responses to “Tattooed Ladies”

  1. SciFire says :

    this is very very cool stuff!


  2. tracyloveshistory says :

    So cool. In the mid Victorian era, it was quite fashionable for the upper classes to have tattoos. Winston Churchill’s mother had a dragon tattooed on her forearm and it was rumoured that even Queen Victoria herself had a small secret tattoo.


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