Ever since I watched Antichrist, the simple pair of scissors have acquired a kind of gruesome vibe.  And these images by Audrey Kawasaki certainly made me think Antichrist.  I assume they are intended to look malicious in terms of hurting another person.  I mean, they do both look pretty ready to take you on.  But since Antichrist (which I absolutely loved by the way) I can only think of female self harm.  The fact that they are naked undoubtedly adds to this.  There’s contradiction in the image.  Firstly, the young, innocent body of the girls’ paired with their knowing and semi-psychotic expressions.  I can imagine if you were standing there you would be a little creeped out.  Like “shit, they’re gonna try stab me with scissors”.  But then Antichrist comes to mind and instead they turn on themselves and it’s even more horrific than getting cut yourself.  I mean, genital mutilation is probably the most horrific thing.  It breaks my heart that some women are subjected to it in certain countries.  It’s completely inhumane and disgusting and unfair.

But back to the art.  I don’t know how someone who hadn’t seen Antichrist would approach these images.  I assume in a different way.  I’d say they are universally sinister images (and fabulous in their accomplishment of that) but to me they will always have that extra association.  Nevertheless, great work again by Kawasaki.

And, if you haven’t seen Antichrist, you must check it out. Especially if you are interested in gender explorations.  Although, I might recommend watching with a few glasses of wine!

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3 responses to “Anti-Scissors”

  1. prewitt1970 says :

    I really like this!


  2. Aaron the Ogre says :

    I love your blog. I think you’ve got some great things going on. I also appreciate you stopping by and giving my blog a follow.


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