A Little Serenity

This is an illustration that I did recently.  I used some existing patterns that I had drawn and put them into a simple line drawing to create texture and variation.  I think the result is quite nice, especially for something so simple.  And I love the serenity on her face.

It’s Saturday and the sun is shining so I thought this image seemed appropriate.  Enjoy x

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3 responses to “A Little Serenity”

  1. prewitt1970 says :

    She does have that basking in the sun look, deep warmth for the soul.


  2. becomingelizabeth says :

    Pretty! I love the mix of patterns, and the crown is a nice touch. The black and white is lovely but I think it might also look nice with a soft wash of pink or golden yellow. Very nice work though!


    • thevisualfemale says :

      Thanks, definitely something I could play with, that’s the best bit about doing illustration on the computer – you can try anything and never ruin the original! far less stressful than deciding whether or not to touch a painting etc.


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