Louise Brooks, I love you!

I fell in love with Louise Brooks while I was studying film at University.  As part of a silent film paper we watched G.W. Pabst’s Pandora’s Box (1929).  Brooks is the leading lady and totally blew me away.  Like the men she ‘destroys’ in the film, I was truly taken by her.  She honestly has such a charisma and it jumps out of the screen.  I love her cheeky expressions and how easily she fools men.  Using sexuality to manipulate men is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but Brooks just did it so well.  From what I recall, Brooks was originally thought of as a bad actress because her gestures and expressions weren’t as over the top as the acting style was then.  As the films were silent, hugely exaggerated actions were used to compensate (as well as extra long descriptor titles… oh my, those films are so, so long… it can be somewhat trying).  Brooks, however, was able to convey emotion and what not in more subtle ways through her extremely awesome facial expressions and mannerisms. I suppose enough people liked her and she made a few films (often in Germany) until the ‘talkies’ came along and she was cut from the scene (apparently this sexy siren didn’t have such a hot movie voice).

I love her acting style and certainly remember her for her films.  I know others probably only remember her for her infamous haircut.  Say “Louise Brooks bob” to anyone and they’ll know what you’re talking about.  Incase you haven’t seen her without the fringe though check it out below.

I also love that she did some nude pictures.  Considering the time, it’s pretty out there.  It’s great to see strong, independent women doing what they want.  I think Louise Brooks was a good example of this type of woman.

Louise Brooks, I love you!

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6 responses to “Louise Brooks, I love you!”

  1. aseyebehold says :

    I’ve always loved the fact that ms louise was a scorpio (hence her amazing ability to translate here evocative sensuality through the lens so effectively). To meet her would’ve been truly incredible. Love Louise long-time!


  2. prewitt1970 says :

    So stunning.


  3. Rincewind says :

    Me too, a true before her time kick ass woman and oh so gorgeous…


  4. storyofalice says :

    Great pictures of Lulu!


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