I love this image.  It’s truly beautiful and captivating.  It’s by HelloVon, a studio established by London-based illustrator, Von.  This Image is part of HelloVon’s “Semblance” series. This one is number 2, and is by far my favorite.  The others are good too, but to me this one is kind of in a league of its own.  I think it might be due to the negative space – like she is floating in the air and will evaporate or break apart in the wind.  She reminds me of a cloud.

I also like this above shot which shows it printed and displayed.  You can engage with the texture of the paper which is quite nice.  Having just completed my print portfolio, I realise the importance of photographing and displaying work in professional and interesting ways.  It can be nice to see work framed or displayed sometimes as we can get a bit used to seeing everything one-dimensionally on the internet these days.  Even a photograph of something displayed can add that extra element and tactility to a piece.

Here are the other three images from the “Semblance” series. Enjoy.

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