Man Ray 2 (Much?)

I recently joined Society6.  It’s a place for artists (and trying-to-be-artists like myself) to post their work and get it turned into prints, canvases, t-shirts and other small stuff.  It’s a pretty easy option as Society6 does it all for you, and you get some profit.

Crazily, I found an image on there that could have been a third part to my Man Ray post (a more vulgar / pushing the limit third part at that).

It’s by a guy called Keith P. Rein, who tells me ‘the P is for penis’.  Hah.  Although the penis seems only representative from what I’ve glimpsed (hot dogs, ice blocks etc).  His work is actually pretty interesting though.  It’s well executed and also has something to say (not the kind of things I have to say, but things nonetheless).

Anyway, if you want to see / purchase his work or mine, check us out at Society6 (that’s him) (that’s me)

It’s a great place to browse art, or post your own if you’re the artist type.

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