The female type

I thought it would be nice to put up some typography, and seeing as this is a female based blog, why not incorporate the two?  I found this stunning image by Stana Tomsej (view more of his work here) which shows a fierce woman constructed mostly out of type.  I believe the piece is about women in rock, and you can see names of artists he likes in the piece.  I love seeing empowered women who are ready to take you on – and this piece does just that, as well as being pretty sexy and using typography well.

I love how many colours it has been done it, and this gif shows them well, but I also like this image below as it gives you a bit more time to study each piece and colour combination and shows how many different combinations there actually are.  That has got to be the best my favourite thing about digital design / art – it is so easy to make changes and alternative versions.

While searching for images I also found my subject matter reversed.  So, rather than making an image of a woman out of type, the type has been made out of women.  I did find some horrible clip art version where the women are all legs and bums and boobs, but decided not to show that.  Instead, I wanted to share this beautiful and sophisticated incorporation of the two.

I love the use of photographs and how only touches of the female are shown.  Really evocative and sensual (especially the ‘N’).  And then when shown altogether it creates a nice wee alphabet too.

Two really different ways of incorporating women into typography, but both work well for what they are trying to achieve. I must try to do something similar one day. Enjoy x

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