Art and Clothing

Some would say that all clothing is, in some ways, art.  I mean fashion surely is.  Especially avant-garde pieces and runway shows.  But not all art is clothing right?  Mostly, art stays on the wall.

This is why I love these pieces, in which art and clothing is inextricably linked (it’s the clothing and the wall).  They are a collaboration by designer Lisa Gorman and artist Rhys Lee.  And if you like them you can purchase them online or at Gorman stores soon.

They are fun and vibrant and I especially love this last piece.  Such a stunning photo.  I love that the art in the background allows you to see the little figure that isn’t notable on the clothing from this angle.  It’s like a little child that’s jumped into the photograph.  And then there is another face within the figure which also has that vibe of peering in and being where it’s not meant to.  And then it’s all contrasted with the seriousness of the model.  So good.  I love everything about it.

Art and clothing at its best I say.

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