Spot the difference

Here’s a selection of pretty iconic / recognizable art works.  But, these images below aren’t the originals and have all been edited in some way.  Have a nosy.

Now, to me (seeing as I am familiar with art) the alterations seem pretty obvious.  It’s a social comment on a subject that’s probably always going to cause some flutter – especially among women.  Guessed it yet?  Now for the original images.

Cool idea, and a good comment on weight and societal pressures and all that jazz.  But, perhaps the question remains, do these slimmed down versions really look any better?  I would love to hear some thoughts.

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2 responses to “Spot the difference”

  1. claviclecapitalism says :

    My God! As soon as I saw these I thought how fabulously fucking wrong they were. I did the same thing recently with a picture of Marilyn, (nude on the red fabric backdrop). I think it’s offensive to change the art, but a brilliant thing to do to challenge conventional ideas of the female figure. What I enjoyed most was that, despite my lusting the lithe figure, I genuinely preferred the originals. There’s so much more character to them, which was stripped when there kilos were too.
    Brilliant idea.


    • thevisualfemale says :

      Thanks for the comment, I totally agree, there is just something not right with the ‘skinny’ versions – especially The Birth of Venus. I think one great thing about looking at art from different time periods is to see and appreciate different body shapes. It should remind us that there is no universal ideal, that what is deemed attractive is constantly changing. Rubens full figured subjects demonstrate this. Would love to see the Mariyln you did, will I find this on your blog?


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