The black and white image

I love the serenity of these images by photographer Dylan Forsberg.  And Kasia Struss is an exquisite androgynous beauty.  There’s certainly something wonderful about a black and white image.  It almost instantly transforms something into art I think due to the fact that it becomes more disassociated with reality through the lack of colour.  A beautiful image in colour, can of course still be incredibly artistic, and certain images wholly depend on colour for meaning.  But I think black and white makes us see it in a different way, a way that we cannot see in the everyday, and that makes it special.  I don’t think many people would choose to only see in black and white, so it is that fleetingness of both photography and colour-blindness that make the black and white photo so wonderful.

Looking at these two last images I overwhelmingly prefer the black and white one.  But perhaps that is just me.  I guess the beauty of photography today is that we can see one image in multiple ways due to computer technology.  I’m sure if we could still only develop photos in black and white we would long for colour.  We should just be grateful we have both. x

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2 responses to “The black and white image”

  1. Scotch Jameson says :

    I like the color one myself. It’s got a certain 60s era cinematographer’s appeal.


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