Joshua Petker

I fell in love with this image when I saw it.  It’s by a guy called Joshua Petker.  So naturally, I did some research and found some more of his paintings.  They are all wonderful, and show a lot of diversity.  I really value artists that can bring difference to their work and experiment not only with subject matter, but their painting style.  So here are a few of his pieces that stood out to me.

And here’s a snippet of an interview I found.  Love that he loves Klimt (he’s one of my favs too, so no wonder I like this guy!)

JT: You credit Klimt as being a major influence to you stylistically. Do you use symbols in your work similar to the way he did? Are they graphics and ornament for you or something more?

JP: I’m not so sure Klimt was really a symbolic painter. I think for him it was mostly about decoration and beauty. And, in that sense I definitely do things similar to him. In my own opinion, Klimt’s main goal was to create beauty and I think he felt ornamentation was an acceptable tool for his work. There were artists then and now that think decoration takes away from the intellectual impact of the work – I disagree. Because I too focus almost entirely on beauty I continually look to Klimt for guidance on decoration and mood and believe ornamentation is acceptable considering the intent of our work.

JT: You’re obsessed with beauty, and you rarely paint male figures. Is there a male presence (other than your view of women) to be found in your work?

JP: I don’t know? When women say I captured how women feel inside it is my favorite compliment and means that either men and women are more similar on the inside than commonly believed, or that I am the weirdest straight boy ever.”

You can read the rest of the interview here

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