Today it almost felt like spring.  It has been a bit rainy recently, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the sun shining this Sunday.  Free coffee (go coffee cards) in the sun, followed by a crisp glass of Sav and some fries at a newly opened restaurant right near my house was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. So, I thought I would post something bright and spring-inspired to hopefully brighten your day too.  Enjoy xx

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5 responses to “Spring”

  1. RococoReport says :

    Is the first pic of Liv Tyler? Love it.


    • thevisualfemale says :

      Yeah I would say it is. I found it ages ago, so can’t remember who did it or what it was called, but it is great aye. Such a simple but effective use of collage to make such a stunning image.


  2. jav3d says :

    Humm. Very interesting and distict styles here.

    The first one is a collage, right?
    What are the next two? Look like acrylic paitings to me. Amazing, if they are.

    Then the last two are absolutely stunning, especially the last one.
    What are these and did you make them yourself?

    I love the last one, pity the model is smoking though :p


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