I paired these images together due to aspects of their collage-like nature. Collage is quite an effective art method, but one that can easily get forgotten. Although these images are very different from one another (in form and technique) they do all seem to fit under that collage umbrella. So simple yet so powerful.

They have kind of inspired me to try my hand at some form of collage. I wonder if I will opt for the (easy) computer over the old cut and past style…  I’ll be sure to share my results once I accomplish something!

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4 responses to “Pieces”

  1. prewitt1970 says :

    Disturbing, intriguing and beautiful.


  2. jav3d says :

    I used to do the old cut and paste way. It’s quite a good way to pass time creatively, only we don’t seem to have time anymore….. for anything. : )


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