Clean / Dirty

I totally adore these magnets by Keith P Rein.  So simple, yet such a great idea.  Everyone knows what it can be like with a dishwasher – are the dishes clean (and need to be unloaded, but haven’t because we are all too lazy), or is it a load that needs to be washed? Finally, the answer to these first-world questions can be answered without having to check the dishwasher!!  Saving you a good 30 seconds, this simple magnet can let you know!  (Okay, so it’s definitely not something we actually need, but I really like the concept – and they are cute).  Rein makes a simple yet clever visual pun. I love to see humour and art working together, which is something Rein does in most of his work.  Both magnets are aesthetically pleasing and well executed.  I just found it a bit of a shame that the words (although small) are placed on the magnet itself.  I see the need for them to be on the packaging, but the magnet itself could do without in my opinion.  Nevertheless, I think it is a great idea and would make a splendid gift for someone.  Cheap and cheerful as they say!  You can purchase these for yourself or a friend here.  It could even be the ideal Christmas present.


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One response to “Clean / Dirty”

  1. jav3d says :

    What an awesome idea, indeed!


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