Audrey Again

Just because she is so great, I wanted to share some more of Audrey Kawasaki’s work. These two might be near the top of my favourite list, but then she has produced so many amazing pieces how can one really pick? I love the expressions of the women in both images. I’ve only noticed now, looking at them together, that they are almost identical (which may be why I like both these pieces a lot). They are so seductive but in that subtle way Kawasaki captures like no other. The brink of innocence and sexual knowing – an intriguing and well explored subject matter (think Egon Schiele especially).  And I mustn’t neglect the movement that is created through the hair in both pieces.  It adds such a dreamy, otherworldly aspect which I adore.

So, to sum up, Kawasaki is amazingly awesome and I’m in love. I hope you are too.

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One response to “Audrey Again”

  1. jav3d says :

    Awesome works!
    I agree its the look in her eyes that makes her so seductive, especially the top one!


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