Dark and Light



I think both these photographs are truly stunning.  I paired them together as they have a similar kind of vibe with a female in nature, but both contrast due to the use of light and dark.  The first image is quite dark and really works as a piece.  The silhouette the leaves of the tree cast and the woman confronting us as she moves forward; sensual, strong, controlled. Then the second image, which works because of the white lace top and fair hair which adds to her overall lightness.  She closes her eyes and rests amongst the grass and daisies and exudes a sweet serenity. She seems younger, more innocent.  While these images are not connected by artist, they seem to showcase a duality of the feminine. I quite like looking at them together, I hope you do too.

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One response to “Dark and Light”

  1. jav3d says :

    Both are awesome photographs! Where do you find such gems? 🙂

    Quite agree with your synthesis! Besides the lacetop in the second one, it is the posture (both arms up) and the slight parting of lips thats adds a certain inviting vulnerability and a million gigawatts of sensuality to it.


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