12 Kick Ass Women In Film

Well it’s 12/12/12 so I thought I’d do something a little different to celebrate.  Here’s my personal list of who I think are 12 truly fierce women in film.

12. Eli (Let the Right One In)


Sure she’s a vampire, but she’s pretty mellow until you fuck with her friend.  Then she’ll tear you to pieces and teach you right for trying to drown a kid. The Swedish version is better in my opinion (especially in terms of this character, but also the cat scene – check it if you haven’t yet).

11. Dr. Dakota Block (Planet Terror)


This woman is pretty damn tough, even breaking her hand to get away from the chaos and save herself.  Ups for her determination and ability to make things work.

10. Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)


Generally a tough woman, Lisbeth impressed me by degrading and permanently leaving her mark on her rapist.  One woman you don’t mess with.  Super smart and super fierce, a pretty good combo.

9. Erin Hardesty (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)


Erin really comes to light in the final scenes of this film.  Not only does she cut off Leatherface’s arm but gets maternal and saves the baby from those creeps.  And, what I really appreciate is her ability to make sure people are dead.  She runs that Sheriff over enough times to guarantee he’s gone, because there is nothing worse than seeing the killer slowly stand back up.

8. Sidney Prescott (Scream and sequels)


Sidney Prescott is like Michael Myers in that she just doesn’t seem to die.  Scream after Scream she makes it to the end.  I especially enjoyed her in Scream 4.  Got to love the empowered woman who refuses to be anyone’s victim.  Tough as nails and definitely worthy of being on this list.

7. Anna (Martyrs)


This French film was pretty hard to watch and stuck with me for a long time.  Definitely not for the faint hearted.  But Anna is certainly a tough woman.  Enduring far too much and not really having the ability to fight back, her steely way of disconnecting with pain allows her to survive much, much longer than anyone could imagine.  A true martyr, who has her own way of getting her final say.

6. Alice (Resident Evil and sequels)


Not only is she hot, but Milla Jovovich knows how to kick some butt. Pretty much unable to be killed, and so awesome that the evil guys make clones of her, Alice is the ultimate kick ass heroine.

5. Cherry (Planet Terror)

Grind House

This hot babe is not only a fierce woman, but manages to turn her amputated leg into a hardcore machine gun.  Killing who she needs to and surviving to the end, Cherry is pretty damn awesome.

4. Jennifer Hills (I Spit on Your Grave)


Provoked in all ways, Jennifer is simply a woman who is looking for some time out.  But, heaven forbid she happens to be attractive and thus asking for some gang banging rape action.  Sadly, those men don’t know what’s coming for them, and, in post-rape revenge, Jennifer lures them back (under the pretense of forgiveness and more sex) to kill them all. The idiots buy this and one even loses his penis courtesy of Jennifer. Pretty out there for 1978 – I hear there is a remake but I haven’t seen this yet.

3. Dawn (Teeth)


Another great movie.  Teeth tells the old vagina dentata myth through our leading lady Dawn.  Her vagina has a mind (and teeth) of it’s own and if any man tries to push himself inside, off with his head…  At first Dawn doesn’t like that she has this power, but after rape at the river, gynecologists doing ‘tightness tests’ and boys betting to bang her, Dawn finally embraces what she has got, and watch out dodgy truck driver.

2. Baby Firefly (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects)


Who can forget Baby?  Sure, she’s more of a villain than a heroine, but isn’t it great to see a woman holding the knife? Sexy, silly and armed with good wit, Baby get’s my vote. Sheri Moon Zombie sure plays it good. Ahahahaa.

1. Beth (Hostel 2)


Now, I might get some disagreement from this one, but I really rate Hostel 2.  Tarantino does a great job at mixing horror and humour and Beth is our ultimate heroine. Getting out of almost inevitable death, she uses her charm to dupe Paul who is about to kill her and enacts her own revenge.  After all, not only did her kill her friend, but her called her a c*nt.  And nobody calls Beth a c*nt.  A great film for those feminist film fans, or anyone that likes to see an overcompensating excuse for a man get his dick cut off.

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2 responses to “12 Kick Ass Women In Film”

  1. Through the Looking Glass says :

    fuck yeah, epic use of the english language to illustrate the greatness that is the fierce woman. respect (to both them & you)


  2. jav3d says :

    I personally would’ve had Alice at no. 1 and Lisbeth at no 2 but otherwise, awesome post. What a neat idea 🙂


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