Close Up


This is a painting I did probably around 4 years ago.  This was the time when I started learning to draw faces.  Until then, I had thought that it was something I couldn’t do, and had focused on still life and abstract art during school.  And while this was good for its genre, it never really inspired me too much.  I always preferred looking at portraits (as you can probably tell by reading this blog!) so one year decided to give it a go, and am so glad I did.  I thoroughly enjoy painting images of people and now feel confident enough to do this.  I usually use photographs as references, but love how much you can add in terms of mood and essence through cropping, colour and painting styles. I need to get back into it this year, and I also have another goal to do more writing.  I hope I have the motivation and drive to follow through on these thoughts as it always fascinates me what I am capable of achieving when I give it a go.  I look back at essays or creative writing I did years ago, and much like this painting, kind of think, wow, did I do that?  It’s funny, because as we change and grow we can forget aspects of our former selves, but if we document it in words or art we always can connect to a little bit of our own history.  Which can be a pretty amazing feeling.

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