This vs. That: Round Four

Well it’s time for my fourth edition of This vs. That. I’ve been enjoying doing these pieces so please make an effort to click on the link and actually read my writing – I know a picture is worth a thousands words, but I’ve got a few hundred to add too! This time I’m looking at some wonderful Street Art with both pieces incorporating a woman (no surprises there!) and an animal. Let me know if I picked the right winner, or if I’m plain out of my mind. Peace and happiness x

Alice_Pasquini_street_art_5  vinicius_quesadas_cat

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3 responses to “This vs. That: Round Four”

  1. Agata Lawrynczyk says :

    I think both are great! Good finds.


  2. klastinger says :

    My vote is for the first one. There is such an innocence to it. I can’t believe that is done in spray paint. Very cool.


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