Wolf & Woman

I have a painting I did a while ago that just never felt finished. I decided that it needed a big black wolf or panther in the frame next to the woman. I thought this would add some kind of sinister element, as right now it just feels a bit bland. Like all true creatives, the painting is still sitting there with no additions. But, in the spirit of pretending like I am thinking about getting started, here are some images that have both woman and wolf. Research, shall we say? Surprisingly, they don’t have as much of a sinister vibe as I was expecting. Enjoy, and one day I will show you my wolf and woman attempt.

** This first piece is by the talented Elsa Isabella. To see her wonderful paper dolls (be intrigued) visit this post about her.



the girl and the wolf - alisha brunton

I also found this image below which has both wolves and a black panther. Funny, as I was tossing up between which one to use originally. I think the wolf, but maybe the panther has a stronger sense of evil? I do like the three wolves here as they make me think of witches that have morphing ability. What would you advise? Is the panther perhaps a better choice? Or is it a little predictable with the feline association. I’d love some thoughts before I get started.

wolves and panther

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9 responses to “Wolf & Woman”

  1. thepiratehorizon says :

    wolf, i’d say. among other suggestions, the influence of the moon on both women and wolves. moreover, women felines are seen as sexy more than feral – the hunger of the she wolf is more basic, so to speak


  2. oblakales says :

    Wolves are all fine and dandy, but maybe a bit of a cliche at this time, so I’d go with panther. Just for the sake of originality, if nothing else.


    • thevisualfemale says :

      well now I have had one vote for wolf and one for panther. Hah, I could see the panther working with the face of the woman I have drawn as she is more feline like. But do I go for similarity or contrast. Maybe I should just do a giant parrot or maybe a T-rex? That’s got to be original? Hah


  3. John Nunes says :

    I just found an original painting of the woman with wolves & painter. It is unsigned and unfinished, are you the artist or do you know who is?? Would love to know more about it.


    • thevisualfemale says :

      Hi John,

      Unfortunately I don’t know who it is by either which is why I couldn’t reference the artist. You have the original, how amazing. Have you come up with anything more on the internet? So sorry I can’t help you!



  4. Brittney Mccartney says :

    i have this picture.. found in an old house in peoria illinois.. posting picture soon .. would love more info


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