I love how much digital technology can offer art and design. There is literally so much we can do with visual images to enhance and alter them. Here is a small selection of collage style pieces that use what I collectively call ‘layers’ to create some interesting compositions. I love how they all connect but also stand alone as complete pieces.

For your viewing pleasure I have also grouped them within the grouping. I’m tossing up between the first four (by Erin Case) and the second four as my favourites. Hmm, maybe the second four as a collective, but I do love the very first image in the first four as a piece on its own.

Ahh, the possibilities in this world truly feel endless! Why not try to get creative today, I’m sure you will surprise yourself with your inner mind x

anddd3_normal clark_gable_normal

falls2_alt_normal  gc_hair_normal-erincase



shadow-9 shadow-6

shadow-1 shadow-4

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4 responses to “Layers”

  1. erincase says :

    I appreciate the love and am always happy that my art can be an inspiration for people, but PLEASE PLEASE always give appropriate image credit! ALWAYS.



    • thevisualfemale says :

      Thanks for your comment Erin. I realise that a lot of my early posts failed to credit artists, since then I always credit where I can, so I apologise and have now credited you for your work.



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