Jen Mann

I really enjoy Jen Mann’s work. It has a simple and raw quality to it while also being quite exquisite. Her series below shows a merging of women and animals. And while this combination is quite regularly done, I like what Mann brings to the table. Each painting has its own style that connects to the animal being portrayed. For example, the quick fox has a light painterly quality, while the heavy bear has a denser paint quality. So, not only are the women connected with their animal through their facial expressions and facial structure, but the essence of the animal is captured through the painting technique. It is not obvious, but it is certainly there. I will show some more of her work shortly, but for now, enjoy the animal series. Oh, and have a happy Easter!

JenMannBuffaloJenMannDearJenMannFoxJenMannBear JenMannWolves

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