Blood and Fame


I happened upon this striking image of Allison Harvard, who I remember watching on America’s Next Top Model some time ago. While she was really quite stunning, I did get a little sick of her relying on her big eyes to get a good photo. However, I really like this artwork based on her. It plays on her natural innocence and etherial face through the use of the wispy whiteness of her hair merging into the background. Yet, at the same time a certain darkness is brought to the image through the addition of blood from her eye, nose and mouth. Something about it just seems so right to me. I think maybe it is the blank (we’ve all seen it) expression paired with the blood that makes her seem quite catatonic. Or maybe it’s the distinctness of the red against her pale face and hair? Or that the red lips, despite the blood around them, maintain an erotic element. Whatever it may be, I really like the image, so good work to whoever made it!

Elements of the image also reminded me of the series below, Slaughterhouse Starlets, by Keith P. Rein. The mix of celebrity and blood seems to be quite effective. If you like Rein’s work then you can purchase it at his Society6 store.

rein2         rein6

rein5         rein4

rein3         rein1

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