Red Hair

I remember growing up that people with red hair used to get teased. There were only a few around, and they often had all those freckles to match. Now, I don’t know if it is because I have grown up, or if society has made red hair cool, but I don’t feel there is a negative stigma around ladies and gents with red locks. Even a lot of people dye their hair red – so it can’t be that bad. I like it and know it can be so striking. Perhaps it was just us majority brown-haired kids that were a little jealous so teased those more unique than us. Anyway, to celebrate red hair, I have accumulated a few images that show it off.

Also, thevisualfemale now has a Facebook page, so go have a look and like it!

red - st janered hairDenise-Van-Leeuwen23katie1

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6 responses to “Red Hair”

  1. TheGreatZambini says :

    Growing up I was always terribly jealous of redheads! The one at the top is really pretty, though.


  2. TheGreatZambini says :

    That`s certainly true! And my hair is easier to manage as well 🙂


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