Album Cover

A while back I posted an old self-portrait that I had found hidden in a folder on my old computer. Feeling a little creative, I decided to play with it in Photoshop to see if I could make it a worthwhile piece of art (the portrait on its own wasn’t too good!) and came up with something I was relatively happy with. The essence of the image reminded me of an album cover for an electro / indie band or artist. So I promised myself (and my readers) that I would develop the piece even further (adding typography) and pretend I was half-musical and create my own album cover. The result is below.


I quite like it – although it is a bit weird seeing someone who resembles me (even if just a little) on a cover or poster etc. I suppose the plus side of being a blogger or an artist is that you don’t have to look at images of yourself all the time. I’m more than content to keep my own visual identity a very minor aspect of whatever external identity I may acquire over my life-time. But for now, here’s something you can consider when you visualise the face behind The Visual Female.

And just to be a bit of a nag – The Visual Female now has a Facebook page which you should all go and like! Art and happiness xx

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