Egon Vs Conrad

egon-schiele egonscheile.greengirlEgon_Schiele_-_Zwei_sich_umarmende_Frauen_-_1911

I love Egon Schiele. His work is raw and wonderful. Twisted bodies, decaying bodies, erotic bodies. Some artists have an innate ability with line work, creating effortless, organic pieces. Schiele was no exception. I’m sure a lot of artists are inspired by him (and his mentor Gustav Klimt) and can’t help but want to do their own studies in Schiele style. Previously, I have connected some pieces by New Zealand artist, Kelly Thompson, with some of Schiele’s nude adolescents. You can refresh yourself with my musings here. And now I recently discovered Spanish artist, Conrad Roset, who draws strong influence from Schiele. I have gathered a few pieces in which I see connections. Arguably, Roset does not have the erotic similarities of Schiele, but his style (especially the thick paint outlining the figures) is definitely a match.

conradroset   conradroset2  conrad.roset.4 conradroset.oldmuse

If you want to read more on Egon Schiele, I found an interesting article here.

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2 responses to “Egon Vs Conrad”

  1. Kelsey Lynore says :

    Whoa! Roset doesn’t even try to skew the reference. His palette and use of space is exact. Huh…


    • thevisualfemale says :

      Yeah, the reference is definitely on display. He does do other pieces in different styles as well, but I was quite amazed at the Schiele-like ones and their obvious nature. Still lovely pieces, without a doubt. But it can sometimes be harder to appreciate art that seems so directly influenced by existing art. Originality will always be applauded, well at least I hope so.


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