Land + Face

I found these two collages and was taken by the similarity between the two. The first piece is by Sammy Slabbink, and the second is by Clinton Santana. Both images take a beautiful, wintry landscape and connect it with a beautiful woman’s face. Both have paths in them – the bridge and then the track in the bottom image. Arguably, the top piece has a little more collage going on – the mountains sit above clouds, the bridge houses little people who conflict with the size of the main woman. Are they coming out or are the going in? I think it looks like they are coming out of her mouth, entering the world. The second piece is a little simpler, in that it appears only two or three pieces have been used in the collage. The bottom half of the image is a simple landscape, and at the top we have a starry night’s sky. In the middle the beautiful woman. But what made me stop and notice this piece was exactly who this woman was. I have her stuck to my kitchen door, so I am very familiar with her face. It is a piece from the “Semblance” series by HelloVon. I posted the image and some more from the series in a post called HelloVon almost a year ago. If you check out the post, you will be able to see how Santana has cut and pasted from the first piece.

thegreatescape.sammy.slabbink xenophobes.clinton.santana

love both images, and it amazes me how something as simple as a collage can be so effective. Yet, I know that when I briefly tried to do my own collage, the result wasn’t as polished as these two pieces. I guess we are drawn to the art forms that connect to us individually, and while I love collage, it is not something I have really considered pursuing. But you never know, perhaps one day I will be as memorable for collage as the Dadaists.

tumblr_mc1v2wy5HY1rjn17io1_1280 wesley2 annacollageattempt collage2

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2 responses to “Land + Face”

  1. Anne Warren Art says :

    That was very interesting. I have been doing collage for some time, mind you not exclusively as I draw, paint and do digital work – sometimes combining the lot. I think the most important thing is to make it your own especially when using found images.


    • thevisualfemale says :

      Yes, I agree with you on that. I was just writing the other day about originality in art, and that while it is nice to be inspired by others styles etc, it is important to add your own spin, especially if you are trying to make profit from the work. I will have to check out some of your collages, if they are on your site – going to look now! Thanks for the comment.


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