Want a wallet?

I have just discovered Dynomighty. You may be familiar with the somewhat recent Tyvek Wallet, or Mighty Wallet, which Dynomighty produce. As part of their democratic design concept, they have an Artist Collective which is a way for artists to submit their own wallet designs to become potential Mighty Wallets. The catch is, for a wallet to get to the printing stage, it needs 30 backers in 30 days. This is essentially a pre-order of the product, which you will only be able to receive if the design goes to print.

As you may have guessed, I have submitted a design, which you can see below (in mock-up). To see the rest of the design (inside, back cover etc) you can visit dynomighty.com. If you would like one for yourself, then ‘back’ the design, and cross your fingers it gets to 30 backers in 30 days.

dynomighty promo

You can also view other products utilising this design at my Society6 page. And bonus! They are already available for purchase. I’m digging the pillow cover, iPhone and iPad cases, and just simply as an awesome framed print.  Go on, get some pink in your life. And remember to ‘back’ this design at Dynomighty if you want a sweet wallet for yourself or some other cool person you know!

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