Aneta Ivanova

A while ago I posted a piece called Layers, which looked at photo collage-like images that had a lot of depth in terms of layering within the piece. I recently came across these beautiful long exposure shots by Bulgarian photographer, Aneta Ivanova. They immediately reminded me of the images in Layers. I love them. They are so striking and each one is unique and special. The series is titled ‘Scars”, and is simply imprints of landscapes onto a human form (I think I’m solely showcasing female bodies here, but she does put them on men too!). Thinking of it now, the general concept is kind of similar to my recent post, Land + Face, in that a body/face is paired (primarily) with a landscape to create a compelling piece. Of course the results are different as different mediums create different results. Perhaps I am becoming too wishy-washy, getting drawn to feminine pieces that connect woman with nature (how generic!) and need to change it up with some gun-wielding robotic woman next time. Hah. Well, maybe something just a little bit fiercer will do. But enjoy these for the meantime xx


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colette shadow-9 thegreatescape.sammy.slabbink IMG_5510_web

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4 responses to “Aneta Ivanova”

  1. prewitt1970 says :

    I find these pieces not only beautiful but mesmerizing as well. Very well done


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