Jennifer Madden

Jennifer Madden is an English illustrator, designer, and fine artist that makes work that I just adore. Her pencil sketches are refreshing – having a beautiful raw, natural energy – something that can sometimes get lost under the search of perfection. Her paint work is also exquisite and maintains the same energy. A lot of her work focuses on children or young girls and incorporates a connection to nature, such as an animal. In some pieces this is as simple as holding a rabbit, but in others it can be incorporating antlers into a headband of sorts. The girls seem to always have their heads adorned with animal features or oversized bows. It is fun and frivolous, but the essence of each piece also has a withdrawn, muted aspect. The girls look historical in some pieces which adds an allure of mystery. What is their story? Where do they belong? Like all good art, Madden balances beauty with an aura of wonderment that makes you want to linger on the pieces. A definite star in my opinion. You can see more of her work on her beautiful website.

jennifer-madden-illustration-series-05jennifer-madden-illustration-series-01 jennifer-madden-illustration-series-03 jennifermadden

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