Mark Ryden

I found these pieces by Mark Ryden a few days ago, and love the creepy nature of them. They are little ghostly, a little supernatural, and just plain odd (which is fantastic). I love white based art and pieces that are quite subtle. I have to say I find this first image so good. I don’t know exactly why, but something about it connects with me and I rather love it. She is kind of like a baby Yeti. And the facial expression is so right. I kind of want a massive print of it to put in my bedroom. Maybe that would scare off any guests, but maybe it would make for an interesting conversation starter. After all, it’s far more fun to be interesting than generic. So enjoy this creepy, yet fascinating art. Oh. And doesn’t the last piece remind you of those toilet brush (or roll) holders. It was like a plastic doll with a big skirt that held and hid the brush or roll (really can’t remember well enough, but I know my nana used to have one – bizarre inventions). Anyhow, they looked really similar to the final piece here. The memory adds a whole new dimension of strange to me. Love it! Enjoy the last of the weekend x

mark-ryden-08 mark-ryden-09 mark-ryden-11

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4 responses to “Mark Ryden”

  1. riverfacklam says :

    Mark Ryden is definitely one of my favorite artists. I particularly like the painting he did called Fountain. His artwork really has such a mystery to it. It definitely is intriguing and makes one think.


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