Martine Johanna

If you are yet to discover Dutch artist Martine Johanna, then this is your lucky day. Her work is just divine. It appeals to my aesthetic so much that I  seem to like pretty much every single piece she does. There is quite a lot of variety in her work, but within it I find myself drawn to every style, every idea. Variety can be quite rare for many artists as they often become very limited to one specific style. Which means, if you don’t like one piece, you probably won’t like any. On the other hand, a strong style can really appeal to certain people and give you a specific and devoted audience. But with Johanna I would hope that everyone could find a piece they liked. (And it’s simply a matter of bad taste if someone disagrees here). I will share the first pieces I stumbled upon (to make your first time like my first time, if you haven’t had a first already), but make sure to check out her website for a whole range of beautiful awesomeness. Dreamy, surreal, beautiful, erotic, nouveau, strange, mythical and fantastic are just a few words to describe it all. Do check it out. Here. Do it.

MartineJohanna_inia-1 MartineJohanna_jesse Martine-Johanna-illustration-08

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