She Sleeps with the Fishes

This is my first blog collaboration with the talented and lovely Sonia Sly, from Sly on the Wall. 

What we are aiming to do is bounce creative ideas off one another to create posts that fit under the same title or theme and showcase our own take on the subject, dependent on personal style, mood or favourite form of aesthetics. For this post Sonia chose the title ‘She Sleeps with the Fishes’ and was inspired by a recent photographic outing as well as some memories. After hearing the title I immediately knew a few artists with water or fish aspects I would have to share. I have done a few water / sea related posts in the past, so it was a little challenging to find new pieces rather than the classic wonders I have already showcased. But it is always great to go fishing (great pun, right?) for images and rediscover old favourites as well as new, fresh artists and images.

Enjoy my take on ‘She Sleeps with the Fishes’.

audreyfishdeeper - audreydeep waters - audrey kawasaikekeeper-kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki

concede_by_kellymckernan     redemption_by_kellymckernan

Kelly McKernan

courtney brims fishes

Courtney Brims

rohan eason-notitle

Rohan Daniel Eason

Audrey and Kelly have recurring themes of water wonderlands in their art, while Courtney and Rohan just happened to have captured this fishy fantasy in their trademark styles. For fitting the title I have to say that Rohan Daniel Eason’s piece pretty much matches perfectly (a woman in bed with a magic floating fish – rather ideal). But for a more sensual connection to the overall vibe the title evokes in me I would have to go with Audrey Kawasaki. Her women are so wonderful and really own any environment they are in, water or otherwise.

To see Sonia Sly’s take on the title, visit her post here. I haven’t even seen it yet, so I am excited to see how similar (or how different) our takes on ‘She Sleeps with the Fishes’ are. I’m looking forward to more collaborations and exchanges of ideas and images with Sonia. Make sure to connect with her via FB or her blogor keep visiting here for our collaborations and links.

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