Move Monday: Lowell

I have been wanting to add more variety to The Visual Female for a wee while now and have decided to achieve this through some movement! Yes, joyous videos! As a cinema fan, I have a big passion and appreciation for the moving image. It can be highly creative, mysterious, sensual, spooky and evocative. While I’m not the best at keeping to strict rules and regiments, I am hoping to share a few videos a month on a Monday for this new feature, Move Monday.

To kick things off I wanted to share this fun and artistic video by an artist I recently discovered called Lowell. She’s pretty phenomenal and one of those oh-so-amazing all-round creatives that can sing, write, paint, produce while always looking like an authentic babe. I’ve chosen her song Cloud 69. I love the raw energy and fun, vintage nature of the images and film stock. Also, the song is really cool and you’ll feel like you’ve heard it a million times on your first listen. Catchy in a positive way, I hope you like seeing some visual stimulation while listening to a great track. To get to know Lowell a bit more and listen to some more of her music, check out her interview for Pilerats.

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