Den of Foxes

I really enjoy this piece by Mandy Tsung. It is a little bit different to other work of hers that I have shared in that there is quite a complex background and story going on, but what really makes the piece stand out to me is how well the wood grain works as the wall. Amazing. In terms of subject, the woman is empowered in her sexuality which is always great to see. How she holds the fox tail reflects the ease with which women can gain control over men (shown as a butler here, a literal servant) by using one’s sexuality. A good, interesting piece to wrap up the week. Enjoy.

den of foxes


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2 responses to “Den of Foxes”

  1. zozo says :

    oh, this painting is based on a still from Wes Anderson’s short film “Hotel Chevalier” which serves as prelude for “Darjeeling Limited”
    Natalie portman plays the lady posing nude, who isn’t after his power, and Jason Schwartzman is not originally a fox, nor a servant actually.
    This blog is really interesting both in its content and its ideas, but here the idea of using female sexuality to dominate (for lack of a better word) men isn’t so original or constructive.
    If there is any domination to be made, it’s better for everyone that it’s done through talent and intellect rather than sexuality, it seems. Unless it’s a game, of course.


    • thevisualfemale says :

      Thanks for your comment. I will have to do some research into ‘Hotel Chevalier’ to understand it more from the artists viewpoint. Art is always open to interpretations by viewers and I find it interesting to hear how work speaks differently to people. How would you describe the energy of the artwork? Granted, you are at an advantage with a context to place the image. I find it interesting he is turned into a fox as I always considered foxes more femininely associated – cunning, strategic, clever – which links to your domination through talent and intellect rather than sexuality.


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