What we aim to do:

The Visual Female is dedicated to sharing all things visual that relate to women in some shape or form. Regular posts showcase a range of art, photography, fashion and design accompanied with delightful and insightful written commentary.

The Visual Female hopes to keep readers aesthetically stimulated as well as discussing the many ways in which women are visually represented in art and other mediums.

If you want your work featured:

If you are an amazingly talent artist, photographer, designer or tackle anything visual that you think should be seen, then get in touch! Send a link to your portfolio, as well as a little bit about you, to anna.c.mckay@gmail.com. If we think your work fits with the aesthetic here at The Visual Female, then there is a good chance it will get featured (exciting). Remember, we aren’t called The Visual Female for no reason, so please only submit work that has a strong female focus. If not all your work fits the bill, but you have one or two amazing pieces that show femininity at its highest, then feel free to send those particular images through via email as they could still be showcased.

In addition to visual treats, if you are a writer with an interest in the arts then send an email to anna.c.mckay@gmail.com with a bit of information about yourself and where you could see yourself fitting into The Visual Female. Right now we are interested in analysis, artist process, curated themes, poetry/creative writing (inspired by a visual) and any other fantastic ideas you might have!

The woman behind The Visual Female:

Anna McKay lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and is both an artist and art lover. This blog is an outlet to showcase all the amazing visual treats she adores.

Anna holds qualifications in graphic design, cinema studies and mass communication. Her background in mass communication and film triggered an interest in gender representations and, coupled with her enjoyment of painting female subjects, this has led to the exploration of women’s position in art, known now as The Visual Female.

See Anna’s art here.


You can find The Visual Female on….TVFLOGO-02





Interview in ROMM magazine issue 7

15 responses to “About”

  1. aseyebehold says :

    I just love this blog; it partially inspired me to begin my little newbie (note the same theme!). Everything’s so insightful. Wonderful stuff.


  2. rachelkeough says :

    Girl power! Heck yes. Great blog


  3. paul davis says :

    I really like what you are doing here, Anna. Consistently great posts. I’m looking forward to much more.


  4. jav3d says :

    Hi Anna,

    I like your blog a lot so I nominated you for the Liebster Award. See my post here: http://javedsart.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/liebster-award/

    A great way to get more bloggers to know about you!

    Wishing you best of luck! : )


  5. troyeittreim says :

    Hi Anna! thanks for liking my post Nature Boy! Still enjoying your blog. Your this vs that is very interesting. Love to get that perspective. keep going!


  6. Summer Faulkner says :

    Anna, this is amazing – how have I only just found out what you have been up too! I’m addicted now. xxxx


  7. eltercerojo13 says :

    Thank you g¡for visiting my blog! Very interesting ilustrations 🙂


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