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Beauty in Chaos

While taking a break from my menial copywriting jobs, I saw this stunning piece by Alexandra Levassuer. I love her. Like a lot of artists I love, I sometimes forget about them, so it is great when social media re-alerts you to something aesthetic that makes your heart warm. I just had to share it. I also would like to eat it. Hah. Enjoy your days beautiful people xxxx

Alexandra levasseur

Beth Hoeckel

I’m loving these fun, feminine collages by Beth Hoeckel. Each piece connects femininity and sexuality with everyday objects like waffles and plants to create super powerful imagery with an understated connection to the goddess. Oh yeah, what more could you want? Plus, you can grab them for under $20. Links below each image. Peace and love x









Frances Sousa

Toronto-based artist, Frances Sousa, has many talents. Her diverse portfolio showcases a range of art styles and mediums ranging from photography to paint to wool (yes, stitching). Dreamy colour palettes and feminine energy present across her portfolio. Here are a few pieces I really liked, but to see more go here.



I found this stunning picture by Kebba Sanneh yesterday and was in love. Today, I found the second image on Tumblr, unfortunately with no credit to the artist, but I had to share them both as they work so well as a pair. Yum, nothing like some good art to keep you alive.

kebba sanner anon

Erik Jones

I love the vibrant artwork of Erik Jones. His work combines realism with abstraction and surrealism to create striking statement art that revolves around women. Here’s a few pieces I like, but check out a whole lot more here (it’s worth it, I swear).

erik the swinerik jones

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amanda_charchian_x_eli_craven_05 my love is selfish unframed1_600. anya brok


sammy sablink winter migration

I fell asleep
in the land
and when I woke
it had consumed me.

I wrote this super tiny poem about this image ‘Winter Migration’ by Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck. Sammy’s collages are always really lovely and combine people and nature seamlessly.

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collage1 thegreatescape.sammy.slabbink annacollageattempt

Elleree Fletcher

Elleree Fletcher is a multi-faceted artist who works in paint, photography and collage. I was instantly drawn to her collages that pair young girls with older women to expose sexuality, femininity and the notion of influence. During my university days I studied subjects like the objectification of women in media and how society is so influenced by what we are exposed to, visually and otherwise. My sister, who has such a strong sense of self, still struggles to fully understand that people really could be so influenced by the media. I certainly remember striking poses as a young girl and wanting to be glamorous. In many ways it seems cute and innocent, but when Fletcher pairs these images with sexually-driven photographs from another era, innocence is lost and the more sinister nature is exposed. Now we see girls in training, smiling and striking a pose for the man behind the camera. A father who will one day be replaced by boyfriend, then husband – men forever infatuated with the female shell, intent on restricting it under the male gaze.


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Bernhard-Handick-8 risque2

Move Monday: Tongue Tied

It’s Miley on Monday, with the assistance of surrealist artist and filmmaker, Quentin Jones. I love the track that goes with these fun and sensual images. The black and white palette works to enhance the bondage aspects of the piece which is visually interesting and unique. As debatable as Miley has been in the past year, I love that she doesn’t put herself under the male gaze. Her body and sexuality is always connected to her, and her personality and agency is apparent. There is nothing better than seeing women collaborate to make art that isn’t afraid of sexuality and is above aiming to please the male gaze. I hope you enjoy this video.

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This vs. That: Round Seventeen

It’s time for this months This vs. That. Today I am looking at some interesting collages of my favourite flapper, Louise Brooks. With Move Monday still in my head, I thought if fitting to dedicate this week to lovely Louise. To see her dancing, check out Move Monday: Lulu vs. Gaga and to have a look at two collage attempts and hear my opinions, Round Seventeen: Louise Brooks will do the trick. Oh, and I’m back to my original This vs. That template – much nicer!

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Be mine…

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone. If you are doing something sweet, enjoy it! In New Zealand we don’t really get too involved in the concept, but I know a few people making the most of the day to remind their lover that they love them. For an image to support the occasion, I decided this piece by collage artist, Morgaen Munoz, was a cool and unique take on the traditional concept of relationships and love. I like it. Enjoy x

morgaen munoz2

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Bernhard-Handick-8 thegreatescape.sammy.slabbink

Bernhard Handick

Loving the photography and mixed-media collage from Bernhard Handick. His work is interesting and sensual, and just what I feel like looking at today. Hopefully you enjoy it too! One piece reminds me of an image by Richard Prince that I shared a while back, see if you can find the connection x

LilliBernhard-Handick-8 Bernhard-Handick-6 Bernhard-Handick-5

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25_playing-with-fire1 fashion-illustrations-by-kelly-thompson-5 ivonovaprofile

Simone Klimmeck

Berlin-based artist Simone Klimmeck creates stunning illustration and mixed-media works. Her aesthetic is feminine and fierce at the same time which gets The Visual Female’s seal of approval. Beauty, colour and texture bring these pieces to life. I love the combination of grayscale media with the vibrant prints and patterns Klimmeck chooses. To see more of her work visit her website.

simonekSONY DSC  simoneklimmeck


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XOOOOX---Transformer-I-(Laguna)---2013---(120x100cm) alexandra ... MartineJohanna_inia-1


XOOOOX---Kalma-(CMYK)---2013---(137x109x0,7cm) XOOOOX---Laguna-Bay-II-(Silberberg)---2013---(114x79cm) XOOOOX---Rewind-(Silberberg)---2013---(80,5x70,2cm) XOOOOX---Transformer-I-(Laguna)---2013---(120x100cm) xooox

XOOOOX is a street artist from Berlin. His work is pretty wonderful – not only in aesthetics, but also because of what he is trying to communicate. Beautiful women stenciled onto grubby walls and surfaces. They are life-sized – I can only imagine their impact in real life. He takes photographs of models, styles and directs them how he wants, and uses them for his stencils. The message he wants to share: the beautiful illusion of the fashion industry with the alternate, commercialised reality.  The women vs. the wood.

I find this quote explains him a little better than I can (my impressions are only recent).

“Beguilingly beautiful, XOOOOX’s women convey a sense of melancholy and introversion and allude to the growing displeasure with the uniform, consumption-driven hype of the fashion industry. Using transitory media such as exposed building facades, worm-eaten wood, rotting fabric and rusty metal, XOOOOX grounds this apparently glamorous theme in the street, but the artist’s aim is not to deconstruct fashion culture. XOOOOX pays homage to traditional haute couture while levelling criticism at the over-industrialization of fashion as a cultural artefact of our time.”*

I like the visual impact and style of the work, and coupled with the message, find his work fresh and interesting. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for what is next for the man with no name, XOOOOX.

*See the rest of the feature on XOOOOX here

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Miss Van Clothing

Miss Van is an intriguing and wonderful artist. She creates rather unusual and out-there pieces which are flirty, fun and provoking. I recently discovered that she has teamed up with Limbo Family Studio to create some fantastic clothes that transform her designs to fabric. These pieces would be a blast to wear, making you feel artistic and elegant at the same time. I’m quite a fan.


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vogue-patterns01 Miss-Van gorrhys-hero1 charlotte-free-elena-rendina-wonderland-1



Above: Inspiration collage.  Below: Pieces used to make the collage

charcoal    Tattooed Illustrations    mirandakerr    birds

sketch    stripes    lips    pink

The Visual Female recently set up a Pinterest page which acts as another outlet to showcase images from this blog. Each image that is posted here, will later be pinned to an appropriate board on Pinterest. But, sometimes there are pieces that haven’t made it onto this blog quite yet. For those, I put them onto my ‘Inspiration’ Board. It is also a way for me to repin the amazing visuals I come across from the boards I follow. I wanted to share some pieces from my Inspiration Board, so I decided to make a small collage of a few pieces as seen at the top of the page. And, just so each image gets its own little bit of fame, they are all there as thumbnails. Hopefully either my inspiration collage, or the individual images can get you all a little inspired. If you are on Pinterest, make sure to follow The Visual Female.

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Porodina3 annacollageattempt croppiece-02

A little naughty.

This series by Richard Prince takes black and white photographs of an erotic nature and simply adds CD/DVD labels from famous albums or movies. Each label adds a new context to the image and also works to cover up certain naughty bits. I like the really raw aspect to the pieces, especially when they have hand drawn numbers or details on the edges. Prince also uses self-control when choosing what labels to the add to the images. I can imagine it would be easy to go towards more overt titles that would either be ironic or too literal. Prince shows restraint making the pieces interesting and engaging rather than making them seem like porn titles.


richardprince2 richardprince_full

richard prince

What do you think? Do you like these pieces? Can you think of better titles that you may have used? As always, feel free to let me know. I love comments xx

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johnbaldessari rich burroughs Follies_Nov1968_Vol12_No4_025

Aneta Ivanova

A while ago I posted a piece called Layers, which looked at photo collage-like images that had a lot of depth in terms of layering within the piece. I recently came across these beautiful long exposure shots by Bulgarian photographer, Aneta Ivanova. They immediately reminded me of the images in Layers. I love them. They are so striking and each one is unique and special. The series is titled ‘Scars”, and is simply imprints of landscapes onto a human form (I think I’m solely showcasing female bodies here, but she does put them on men too!). Thinking of it now, the general concept is kind of similar to my recent post, Land + Face, in that a body/face is paired (primarily) with a landscape to create a compelling piece. Of course the results are different as different mediums create different results. Perhaps I am becoming too wishy-washy, getting drawn to feminine pieces that connect woman with nature (how generic!) and need to change it up with some gun-wielding robotic woman next time. Hah. Well, maybe something just a little bit fiercer will do. But enjoy these for the meantime xx


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colette shadow-9 thegreatescape.sammy.slabbink IMG_5510_web

Land + Face

I found these two collages and was taken by the similarity between the two. The first piece is by Sammy Slabbink, and the second is by Clinton Santana. Both images take a beautiful, wintry landscape and connect it with a beautiful woman’s face. Both have paths in them – the bridge and then the track in the bottom image. Arguably, the top piece has a little more collage going on – the mountains sit above clouds, the bridge houses little people who conflict with the size of the main woman. Are they coming out or are the going in? I think it looks like they are coming out of her mouth, entering the world. The second piece is a little simpler, in that it appears only two or three pieces have been used in the collage. The bottom half of the image is a simple landscape, and at the top we have a starry night’s sky. In the middle the beautiful woman. But what made me stop and notice this piece was exactly who this woman was. I have her stuck to my kitchen door, so I am very familiar with her face. It is a piece from the “Semblance” series by HelloVon. I posted the image and some more from the series in a post called HelloVon almost a year ago. If you check out the post, you will be able to see how Santana has cut and pasted from the first piece.

thegreatescape.sammy.slabbink xenophobes.clinton.santana

love both images, and it amazes me how something as simple as a collage can be so effective. Yet, I know that when I briefly tried to do my own collage, the result wasn’t as polished as these two pieces. I guess we are drawn to the art forms that connect to us individually, and while I love collage, it is not something I have really considered pursuing. But you never know, perhaps one day I will be as memorable for collage as the Dadaists.

tumblr_mc1v2wy5HY1rjn17io1_1280 wesley2 annacollageattempt collage2

Elizaveta Porodina

Elizaveta Porodina makes beautiful photography and photo-collages, as seen below. There is a lovely ethereal nature to her work. Very feminine, very dreamy. The soft focus creates a mystical quality and the beautiful women as subject simply enhance this feminine mystique. It is nice to see a softer side to women that isn’t made to appear weak in any way. I see strength in her subjects. And while they may be in vulnerable positions at times, the essence is not of vulnerability. Femininity doesn’t have to mean weakness, and I worry that it can overlap like that in a negative way. Having beauty should make us feel strong and empowered rather than making one feel limited to their appearance. Porodina creates a beautiful balance between feminine softness (through photographic technique and posing) and an unspoken strength of character (from facial expression and essence of the models) that positions femininity in a positive and admirable light.


Self Portrait

For any of you that know what I look like, you probably won’t be able to see the connection here too strongly. I’ll tell you why. The final result has been distorted in many ways. First of all, it is based off a painting I did of myself around five years ago. This painting was not to exact likeness and was also based off a slightly unusual photograph to begin with. Secondly, all I have left of this painting is a blurry photograph I happened to find on my old computer. And finally, I have just spent some minutes playing around with it in Photoshop to see what I could transform a blurry, mediocre self-portrait into. Below is the result.


I’m not disappointed, in fact, I quite like the effects I have created. Maybe if I was a super-cool, pop-electro (do I even know what that is?!) singer then it would make for a sweet album cover. Agree? Maybe I should come up with a band name and album title and Photoshop it for real. Challenge to myself accepted (I’ll keep you all posted).

I thought I would also show you the original photograph I had to work with. I remember painting this and luckily took a photo as I went, because I had one of those heated (passionate?) moments where I scribbled all over it and ruined it. And then I tried to make it a collage (bottom of page), with minimal success. I photographed that too. So now you can see it all – a work in progress… five years in the making…. and maybe still making…. Enjoy and stay cool x



I love how much digital technology can offer art and design. There is literally so much we can do with visual images to enhance and alter them. Here is a small selection of collage style pieces that use what I collectively call ‘layers’ to create some interesting compositions. I love how they all connect but also stand alone as complete pieces.

For your viewing pleasure I have also grouped them within the grouping. I’m tossing up between the first four (by Erin Case) and the second four as my favourites. Hmm, maybe the second four as a collective, but I do love the very first image in the first four as a piece on its own.

Ahh, the possibilities in this world truly feel endless! Why not try to get creative today, I’m sure you will surprise yourself with your inner mind x

anddd3_normal clark_gable_normal

falls2_alt_normal  gc_hair_normal-erincase



shadow-9 shadow-6

shadow-1 shadow-4

Copy Klimt

Like most cool people in the world, I am in love with Gustav Klimt. He has been my art hero since I was a teenager. I always have to scatter a few images of his art throughout my home and he has remained with me from flat to flat over my student years. The beauty in his work is truly incredible and actually quite hard to recreate (trust me, I’ve tried!). Many people, including myself, have attempted to do our own Klimt style piece – some staying true to Klimt by direct mimicking and others by using his style as inspiration only. Below I will share a range of homages to Klimt I have discovered so far. They are all great, but nothing can really beat an original Klimt in my opinion!

Oh, but first I better show you an original Klimt incase you have failed to discover him in your life so far!

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss

Gustav Klimt – The Kiss (detail)

And now for the copy-Klimts





milo manara paying homage to Klimt




And, just for fun I thought I would show you my attempt. I did this for a friend a few years ago. Originally it was done in oranges and golds to be more in line with Klimt, but I found it wasn’t working, so in frustration I kind of scribbled over it with blue which changed the whole essence. I decided I liked it so went with a more icy version of Klimt. I quite like the result as it is Klimt inspired without being as obvious as it could be. I have my orange version in a folder somewhere (!) so maybe I will dig that up at some point for comparison. It’s funny how I had done a whole other painting, which remains hidden under this one. Thank goodness for photography so I could capture the underpainting also. I hope you enjoyed these x

summer painting yellow

Visual Text

Sometimes text is added to an art piece to give it that extra oomph or meaning. Whether it is through song lyrics or a message to make a piece more political, the addition of text can be quite effective. Merging the lines between art and graphic design, here are a few pieces that I think successfully incorporate text and image. Enjoy xx



meghann stephenson


mood board

Hey all! Hope you have had some good times over the holiday season, with more still to come.  I’ve been away so have been a bit slack with posting, but here’s something I was playing with before that I thought I would share.  Sometimes I get so fixated on having to be creative from scratch that I never bother doing anything.  But there’s no reason why creativity can’t just be playing or creating in any method, like I have done here. A kind of mood board for you all to ponder. Peace and happiness xx



Colette Saint Yves

I found Colette Saint Yves work through Society6, and instantly adored the astronomical aspect to these first pieces. Her work is a mix of photography and collage. Simple, but impressive and very engaging.


After doing a bit more digging I found some more of her work as seen below. There is such a beauty in her art.  An enticing, dreamy quality that exudes the feminine.

There are so many talented people in the world making such superb art, it is really inspiring. For all you creatives out there, keep it going.  I know I can find it hard to keep creating, but there is real reward when you do, so it is definitely worth it. Happy Friday everyone. Be inspired, be great.


So, as promised (for those who actually read me!!) here is my own collage attempt. I posted a while back Pieces, which showcased some interesting and alternative styles of collage.  And, somewhat inspired, I thought I would give it a try.  It is not really anything I have experimented with before, so it was an interesting exercise.  I would say the results are okay.  And certainly working in Photoshop had its benefits.  I find when doing a hand-made collage that the most frustrating aspect is not being able to alter the sizes of your material to make it work/connect with other images/aspects.  Photoshop makes it easier to scale images to an appropriate size to help the overall flow of the image.  Arguably, this image would have turned out dramatically different had I only had access to predetermined sizes of images and thus only be able to manipulate them in a compositional way.  Nevertheless, I am pretty happy with what I created.  It is really quite fascinating that you can have no vision, find multiple images and then compile aspects of them together to make something that works.  And yet, any one of you would have made a completely alternate result.  Truly fascinating.  If anyone would like to give this a go, I would be more than happy to send you the images I made myself choose from and let you compile your own collage.  Only catch is that you must send your result(s) to me and let me post it/them on here.  Go on, challenge and excite yourself!  I would love to see what your creative minds come up with xx


I paired these images together due to aspects of their collage-like nature. Collage is quite an effective art method, but one that can easily get forgotten. Although these images are very different from one another (in form and technique) they do all seem to fit under that collage umbrella. So simple yet so powerful.

They have kind of inspired me to try my hand at some form of collage. I wonder if I will opt for the (easy) computer over the old cut and past style…  I’ll be sure to share my results once I accomplish something!

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