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Hannah Adamaszek

Living in Christchurch, New Zealand has its downfalls. After the February earthquake (22/2/11) a lot changed – buildings were gone and the perks of city life diminished. Places to eat, drink and spend the early hours of the morning are hard to find and they aren’t what they used to be – although the new scene that is (slowly) building is pretty nice. All it needs, in my opinion, is some more creative, unique people to occupy it. In terms of post-earthquake perks, the addition of visually spectacular street art has to be at the top of the list. Around the city are huge pieces of art scattered on old, brick walls as well as resting on slick walls of the very newest buildings. Street art is truly a wonderful type of art. It brings joy and creativity to otherwise bland landscapes and is always united by its distinct style. I recently discovered Hannah Adamaszek (online unfortunately, her work does not grace my city yet) who is both a street artist as well as painter and drawer. Her work is incredibly delicious. Bohemian energy and whimsical colours connect in her feminine art that focuses on the female face. Whether big or small, her women look pretty damn enticing. Here are a few pieces that stood out to me, but do check out her website for much more – it’s a lovely website and you can also get the link to her blog there. We might be two peas in a pod, as while Hannah makes all this amazing art she also co-runs an art blog to help support other artists. Pretty cool, huh?

hannahSaltwater-Love-hannah adamaszekStorm-ChaserWhitechapel-3-web

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my love is selfish unframed1_600. anya brok mike1 XOOOOX---Transformer-I-(Laguna)---2013---(120x100cm)


XOOOOX---Kalma-(CMYK)---2013---(137x109x0,7cm) XOOOOX---Laguna-Bay-II-(Silberberg)---2013---(114x79cm) XOOOOX---Rewind-(Silberberg)---2013---(80,5x70,2cm) XOOOOX---Transformer-I-(Laguna)---2013---(120x100cm) xooox

XOOOOX is a street artist from Berlin. His work is pretty wonderful – not only in aesthetics, but also because of what he is trying to communicate. Beautiful women stenciled onto grubby walls and surfaces. They are life-sized – I can only imagine their impact in real life. He takes photographs of models, styles and directs them how he wants, and uses them for his stencils. The message he wants to share: the beautiful illusion of the fashion industry with the alternate, commercialised reality.  The women vs. the wood.

I find this quote explains him a little better than I can (my impressions are only recent).

“Beguilingly beautiful, XOOOOX’s women convey a sense of melancholy and introversion and allude to the growing displeasure with the uniform, consumption-driven hype of the fashion industry. Using transitory media such as exposed building facades, worm-eaten wood, rotting fabric and rusty metal, XOOOOX grounds this apparently glamorous theme in the street, but the artist’s aim is not to deconstruct fashion culture. XOOOOX pays homage to traditional haute couture while levelling criticism at the over-industrialization of fashion as a cultural artefact of our time.”*

I like the visual impact and style of the work, and coupled with the message, find his work fresh and interesting. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for what is next for the man with no name, XOOOOX.

*See the rest of the feature on XOOOOX here

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vinicius-quesadas-women-cat-red mike1 Manchester Street Style (2)

Mike McLean

In my recent interview with Morgan Connoleyshe mentioned that she loved work by fellow Australian artist, Mike McLean. Well, I do too. His work fits into street style, with spray paint creating lovely textures and organic drips. He works on large-scale pieces (which is evident in the way he photographs his work – which I really like). There are a lot of women as subject matter, which of course makes me happy. His women are beautiful and provoking. It is amazing how such simple line work can evoke so much. Here are a few pieces I like. To see more, visit and like his Facebook page.



mikemclean6 2 mike2mikemclean3

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red - st jane vinicius-quesadas-women-cat-red missled2

Miss Led

I came across Miss Led (a.k.a Joanna Henley) a wee while ago when researching illustrators.  She’s on illustrationweb, which is a pretty fantastic source to use to find illustrators and inspiration.  I instantly fell in love with her work, but being busy with study, didn’t really do much research or exploration into her work that wasn’t featured on that site.  It is only recently that I have looked a bit further and discovered some other cool pieces she has done.  Here’s a wee selection of pieces that I like.

I especially like seeing how her work is designed to be exhibited daily, be it in bathrooms, bath houses or stores.  She truly has huge talent and can produce a diverse range of art and illustration (see her talent here).  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a mural done by her for a wall in your house? Oooh the possibilities!

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