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Louis Ghewy

I came across Louis Ghewy today and discovered he is a hairstylist. Never before have I showcased a collection of work from a hairstylist or make-up artist, as I usually focus on the photographer or sometimes the model. But there is always a first for everything. So today I have selected some beautiful images connected by Ghewy’s mad skills with hair.

ghewy louis g louis2 louis3 louis ghewy

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Hannah Adamaszek

Living in Christchurch, New Zealand has its downfalls. After the February earthquake (22/2/11) a lot changed – buildings were gone and the perks of city life diminished. Places to eat, drink and spend the early hours of the morning are hard to find and they aren’t what they used to be – although the new scene that is (slowly) building is pretty nice. All it needs, in my opinion, is some more creative, unique people to occupy it. In terms of post-earthquake perks, the addition of visually spectacular street art has to be at the top of the list. Around the city are huge pieces of art scattered on old, brick walls as well as resting on slick walls of the very newest buildings. Street art is truly a wonderful type of art. It brings joy and creativity to otherwise bland landscapes and is always united by its distinct style. I recently discovered Hannah Adamaszek (online unfortunately, her work does not grace my city yet) who is both a street artist as well as painter and drawer. Her work is incredibly delicious. Bohemian energy and whimsical colours connect in her feminine art that focuses on the female face. Whether big or small, her women look pretty damn enticing. Here are a few pieces that stood out to me, but do check out her website for much more – it’s a lovely website and you can also get the link to her blog there. We might be two peas in a pod, as while Hannah makes all this amazing art she also co-runs an art blog to help support other artists. Pretty cool, huh?

hannahSaltwater-Love-hannah adamaszekStorm-ChaserWhitechapel-3-web

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Good Lorde

Yay, my favourite Kiwi girl, Lorde, has won two of the four Grammys she was nominated for. I got to watch it live as it even screened on free-to-air TV in New Zealand today. Couldn’t be happier for the young lady. Her voice (singing and otherwise) is a welcome change to the music scene and I’m always interested in her thoughts. A true lady, and a true Kiwi. To celebrate the two wins I am sharing two pics of her that I quite like. Enjoy x

lorde1 lorde2

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What’s in Hair?

Just a wee collection of art that somehow incorporates animals or nature into a woman’s hair (and a cheat one that just has lots of hair).  It seems that connecting women with the natural realm is pretty common.  I wonder if it would be harder to find images where women and machinery (for example) were connected somehow?  Or men with animals / plants?  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these images x

“Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little”

– Samuel Johnson

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