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June – Elsa Isabella

Visual Female of the Month for June (yes, it’s still June) is Sydney-based artist, Elsa Isabella. I featured Elsa on The Visual Female many moons ago, showcasing her amazing skills at drawing tiny beauties. Since then, Elsa has been dedicated to her craft and journey as an artist. I wanted to get to know more and, of course, share it all with you. You can read the inspiring interview here.


May – Claire Doyle

Visual Female of the Month for May is the fearless feminist, Claire Doyle. Claire is a multi-faceted artist from England whose work looks at gender and the body. This month I got to know more about the eloquent and passionate woman that is Claire Doyle. And you can too.


Move Monday: 212


I read this great interview with Azealia Banks last week and it reminded me of this catchy 212 track. The video is also pretty great because, to put it simply, it’s just really fun. Banks has attitude (which I see as a good thing, rather than a bad thing) both in her lyrics and in the way she moves and addresses us. You may have to watch it over and over again, but once you have done that you can get to know Banks a little better by reading this interview at Pitchfork. It comes recommended.

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June – Natalie Foss

Visual Female for the month of June is up today for your viewing pleasure. This month I feature the super-talented Natalie Foss. An amazing illustrator from Norway, Natalie’s work is unique and evocative. Check out her work and the interview here. You won’t regret it! xx



Visual Female of the Month for November is up. This month I share the art of the lovely Candace McKay (no relation!). Candace is a 19-year-old self-taught artist, whose work is feminine and fun – think vibrant colours and fantasy settings with beautiful, intriguing women. I really lover her style and find it quite distinctive and unique. I hope you all enjoy it too. To check out her work and read her interview click here. 

On another note, there is only one more Visual Female of the Month left for this year. I know, can you believe it?! How time flies. I’ll be keeping an eye out and hoping to showcase someone special for December. If you know anyone whose work just blows your mind, let me know! I love to discover new art and artists.


Visual Female of the Month for October is up. This month I share the art and thoughts of Romanian graphic designer, artist and fashion illustrator, Anca Pora. Ancas work is feminine, organic and really quite beautiful. I especially love her Alison Harvard inspired piece – such a stunner. I agreed with some of Ancas answers, especially when it comes to comparing graphic design with art and illustration. It seems we are a bit similar. Make sure to check out the full interview here. Enjoy the read, and get inspired.

Be happy, be great.

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