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Water Babies

Happy birth time you lovely Pisces people! I hope you are having fun in life. Today I came across some beautiful watery images that I just had to share. A collaboration between photographer Natasha Wiseman and model Alexa Jones, this series “In Bloom” uses simple colour themes and amazing flora to make a cohesive series that is dreamy and youthful. I hope you enjoy it too.




There’s something really powerful about this image by Marco Michieletto. The whole series (available here) has a very sensual energy but this image has a darker side that made me love it. The black and white colouring, amazing setting and pose and expression model Lina delivers all work together to make a piece of art. I just had to share! Hope you are all having a good week and getting through Mercury Retrograde… My computer keeps restarting itself with no warning…better post this lest I lose it! xx

Nadia Lee Cohen

London-based photographer, Nadia Lee Cohen, recently embarked on her ‘100 naked women’ project which has been met with mixed opinions. Her amazing photographic style is a little surreal and the opposite of natural – her subjects looking like Barbie dolls or mannequins after all – but I really love it! Cohen uses a bold colour palette, pop-culture iconography and striking composition to capture her subjects in a very ‘plastic’ state. The result is contemporary photography with a nostalgic energy that takes us back to the 50s, when pop culture and mass consumerism began to overwhelm our lives. Here are a few images from the series that I like but I would definitely recommend visiting her website to see a whole lot more goodness!

milk floor4choen131cohen

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diana-dondoe-missy-rayder-by-mikael-jansson-for-vogue-paris-november-2006 Moment After-milannenezic

Blood E

Here is a small selection of photographs with an evocative use of blood and the human body. While technically the final image may not have blood in it, the red colouring of the flowers and the way the flowers are bleeding themselves, ties this image in with the others. It’s a fascinating photograph and one you could get lost in. So do.

Interestingly, all these photographers first names start with the letter E. (Hence the journalistic pun for the article name. Forgive me).


Evelyn Bencicova

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Elsa Bleda

Elena Vizerskaya (Kassandra)

Elena Vizerskaya (Kassandra)

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Pink_Prue_Stent_14 martine johannared 19-01

Move Monday: Games for Girls

Today’s Move Monday is a video clip for the song Games for Girls by Say Lou Lou x Lindstrøm. Stylish, stunning twin sisters make up Say Lou Lou and I wanted to showcase them as much for their 70s vibe as their music and playful video clip.

say lou lou

Life should always have room for fun. Enjoy this clip below xx

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Move Monday: Woke up as a Wolf

Today’s Move Monday is a video clip for the song Woke up as a Wolf by ZaZaZoZo. These guys are really fun and interesting. I enjoy the video and love the song too – catchy and cool. After watching this clip I recommend taking a look on their website, which looks full of creativity and inspiration. Enjoy!

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Alex Stoddard

These stunning photographs by Alex Stoddard highlight the raw connection between humans and nature. Women are seamlessly integrated into the delicious, dangerous environment or are shown breaking out of it with fierce dynamism. I love the earthy aspects to many of his pieces, with the third image shown here reminding me of scenes from Antichrist. I want to see these images moving and to delve deeper into their essence, however, I suppose they are perfect just as they are. What do you think?

alex-stoddard-28 alex-stoddard-09 alex-stoddard-08 alex-stoddard-05

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Move Monday: Tongue Tied

It’s Miley on Monday, with the assistance of surrealist artist and filmmaker, Quentin Jones. I love the track that goes with these fun and sensual images. The black and white palette works to enhance the bondage aspects of the piece which is visually interesting and unique. As debatable as Miley has been in the past year, I love that she doesn’t put herself under the male gaze. Her body and sexuality is always connected to her, and her personality and agency is apparent. There is nothing better than seeing women collaborate to make art that isn’t afraid of sexuality and is above aiming to please the male gaze. I hope you enjoy this video.

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Move Monday: Animals

For today’s Move Monday I have chosen the song ‘Animals’ by The GOASTT (Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger) which comprises of Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl. I have to say these guys are one dreamy couple, and this psychedelic take on the 60s cult vibe is pretty awesome. With some really lovely imagery accompanied by an enjoyable tune, this might help you handle Monday a little better!

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David Bray

David Bray is one truly talented artist. His amazing pen and pencil drawings are detailed and emotive, making them significant both for the technique and content. I have selected a few pieces that appeal to me, but with such a great portfolio you really should check out his other work where you can see more variety in mediums. I love drawings that are evocative. The way Bray balances detail with raw artistry results in his work being a captivating, aesthetic experience that is most certainly evocative. Enjoy!

davidbraybray davidbray

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Move Monday: Waiting For The Worlds To Change

Photographer, Amanda Charchian, is pretty outstanding. To add to this, she has recently made a fashion film for clothing brand, Sister Janewhich contains some utterly beautiful imagery. Carried along by a subtle, repetitive score, the film allows us to engage with the content and reflect on the beauty of the world as well as our part within it.

Here’s a still from the film to get you excited, and beneath is the stunning film itself. Take a break and enjoy!


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Rhiannon Schneiderman

I found Rhiannon Schneiderman‘s ‘Lady Mane’ series on The Ardorous (curated by Petra Collins) and fell in love with both the concept and execution. These amazing self-portraits reclaim pubic hair in a refreshing, beautiful manner. As women have fallen out with pubic hair, choosing to wax, shave, pluck and attempt anything for it to go away, I am happy to see a generation returning affection to the bush. Schneiderman’s series is all about empowerment, reclaiming femininity as a woman rather than adhering to male-approved versions. The series is powerful and highlights the hilarity of the modern-day emphasis given to make ones genitals fashionable. Each ‘lady mane’ is different and reminds us that, yes, it is okay to do whatever we want with out pubic hair. It is ours, nobody else should get a say. Here’s my four favourite pieces from the eight-part series. Enjoy x

Schneiderman2Rhiannon SchneidermanSchneiderman7 Schneiderman3

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Fashion Week with Conrad Roset

Pretty impressed with the work Conrad Roset is producing for London Fashion Week. Prints are now available for sale which I would highly recommend checking out. They are all really superb and I like the added edge they have over some of his other work. Here’s a few sneak peaks, but honestly go have a look and splash out and buy something if you can!

conrad roset fashion week conrad fashweek

conrad fashion week 2 conrad roset fashion week 3


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Happy New Year!

Happy new year lovely readers! I hope you have had a bit of a relax (or party-time if that’s more of what you were desiring!) over the Christmas and New Year period. I took a break from art and blogging, had some days at my day job (how appropriate), and did a bit of family holidaying. Not too bad. I am looking forward to 2014 and hope that with the influence of Neptune that it will be a dreamy, feminine and creative year. I’m also into my moon year in my cycle, which might make my creative juices take a feminine approach as well. I’m excited to see what art I create and if this is different from my sun year.

I didn’t really set any resolutions, but I want to continue all the good I did in 2013, as well as push my art onto the world (watch out) and try to get some pieces into shops and stuff like that. I want to have a group or solo exhibition too! And I also want to reach a wider audience here, as well as work on my writing and connections with other creatives. Hey, look at me, no superficial resolutions! That makes me proud. Oh, and I want to try to help out the world a little bit more, ideally in some area related to women’s rights. Wish me luck! And I wish you all the best with whatever endeavors you set yourself for the year that is 2014.

I thought what better way to kick off the new year than with a pic of the stunning Kate Moss (digitally edited by me)? With Moss being a Capricorn it seems the ideal way to get into the swing of things. Enjoy and all the best for the year ahead xx

new year-01

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Bernhard Handick

Loving the photography and mixed-media collage from Bernhard Handick. His work is interesting and sensual, and just what I feel like looking at today. Hopefully you enjoy it too! One piece reminds me of an image by Richard Prince that I shared a while back, see if you can find the connection x

LilliBernhard-Handick-8 Bernhard-Handick-6 Bernhard-Handick-5

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25_playing-with-fire1 fashion-illustrations-by-kelly-thompson-5 ivonovaprofile


Visual Female of the Month for November is up. This month I share the art of the lovely Candace McKay (no relation!). Candace is a 19-year-old self-taught artist, whose work is feminine and fun – think vibrant colours and fantasy settings with beautiful, intriguing women. I really lover her style and find it quite distinctive and unique. I hope you all enjoy it too. To check out her work and read her interview click here. 

On another note, there is only one more Visual Female of the Month left for this year. I know, can you believe it?! How time flies. I’ll be keeping an eye out and hoping to showcase someone special for December. If you know anyone whose work just blows your mind, let me know! I love to discover new art and artists.


XOOOOX---Kalma-(CMYK)---2013---(137x109x0,7cm) XOOOOX---Laguna-Bay-II-(Silberberg)---2013---(114x79cm) XOOOOX---Rewind-(Silberberg)---2013---(80,5x70,2cm) XOOOOX---Transformer-I-(Laguna)---2013---(120x100cm) xooox

XOOOOX is a street artist from Berlin. His work is pretty wonderful – not only in aesthetics, but also because of what he is trying to communicate. Beautiful women stenciled onto grubby walls and surfaces. They are life-sized – I can only imagine their impact in real life. He takes photographs of models, styles and directs them how he wants, and uses them for his stencils. The message he wants to share: the beautiful illusion of the fashion industry with the alternate, commercialised reality.  The women vs. the wood.

I find this quote explains him a little better than I can (my impressions are only recent).

“Beguilingly beautiful, XOOOOX’s women convey a sense of melancholy and introversion and allude to the growing displeasure with the uniform, consumption-driven hype of the fashion industry. Using transitory media such as exposed building facades, worm-eaten wood, rotting fabric and rusty metal, XOOOOX grounds this apparently glamorous theme in the street, but the artist’s aim is not to deconstruct fashion culture. XOOOOX pays homage to traditional haute couture while levelling criticism at the over-industrialization of fashion as a cultural artefact of our time.”*

I like the visual impact and style of the work, and coupled with the message, find his work fresh and interesting. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for what is next for the man with no name, XOOOOX.

*See the rest of the feature on XOOOOX here

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Visual Female of the Month for October is up. This month I share the art and thoughts of Romanian graphic designer, artist and fashion illustrator, Anca Pora. Ancas work is feminine, organic and really quite beautiful. I especially love her Alison Harvard inspired piece – such a stunner. I agreed with some of Ancas answers, especially when it comes to comparing graphic design with art and illustration. It seems we are a bit similar. Make sure to check out the full interview here. Enjoy the read, and get inspired.

Be happy, be great.

Emanuele Cassina

Italian photographer Emanuele Cassina creates very sensual and evocative photographs. I love the softness and peacefulness in the images. Another positive is how they are erotic without being overly sexual or low brow. In fact, they are quite the opposite. Always a pleasure to share such beautiful photography. Enjoy x

Emanuele-Cassina-4-1025x683 Emanuele-Cassina-6-1025x683 Emanuele-Cassina-2 emanualcassina emanualcas

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Above: Inspiration collage.  Below: Pieces used to make the collage

charcoal    Tattooed Illustrations    mirandakerr    birds

sketch    stripes    lips    pink

The Visual Female recently set up a Pinterest page which acts as another outlet to showcase images from this blog. Each image that is posted here, will later be pinned to an appropriate board on Pinterest. But, sometimes there are pieces that haven’t made it onto this blog quite yet. For those, I put them onto my ‘Inspiration’ Board. It is also a way for me to repin the amazing visuals I come across from the boards I follow. I wanted to share some pieces from my Inspiration Board, so I decided to make a small collage of a few pieces as seen at the top of the page. And, just so each image gets its own little bit of fame, they are all there as thumbnails. Hopefully either my inspiration collage, or the individual images can get you all a little inspired. If you are on Pinterest, make sure to follow The Visual Female.

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Porodina3 annacollageattempt croppiece-02

Charlotte Free

I remember reading about Charlotte Free in an article in one of my mum’s magazines when I was visiting home quite a while ago. Only recently has she come back into my radar. Back then I thought she looked cool, and also sounded like a cool person. I still agree. Her name is very fitting, because ‘free’ is exactly how she appears. She is completely comfortable to be herself and that is rare and wonderful these days. I know pink hair is all the rage now, but I kind of imagine that she started it well before it acquired popularity. Plus, I’m pretty sure she still doesn’t shave her armpits, and I don’t think that will be making a comeback anytime soon. I love people who are comfortable to be themselves. And therefore I love Charlotte Free. And you should too. Here are a few snaps from her spread in Wonderland magazine. I love the quirky aspect to the shoot, the vibrancy, and the incorporation of nature and prints. Enjoy.


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original image gorrhys-hero1 rosie2 vogue-patterns01


Visual Female of the Month is up and waiting to be read. For the month of June I interview Rosie Herdman, a New Zealand model. She’s very talented and stunning, so check out the interview and accompanying images to see what this lady can do. Rosie was a pleasure to interact with and I wish her all the best in the rest of her (very promising) career.

Also, if you, or anyone you know seem like a good candidate for Visual Female of the Month, then please get in touch with me via my email located on my About page.

Barbie by Jansson


I found these photographs taken for Vogue Paris by Swedish photographer, Mikael Jansson. What attracted me to them was how much they reminded me of Barbie dolls. The models (Diana Dondoe and Missy Rayder) appear so casual about being naked it is almost as if that is all they know. Much like Barbie, it seems their own bodies are desexualised and their nakedness is made very secondary. This is why the photography works so well – the product is emphasized through the very casualness of the naked bodies, and in doing so the product has nothing to compete with. Very clever work in my opinion. The models are shinned up to add a lovely glossy sheen to their skin which looks flawlessly beautiful, and very much plastic (hence the Barbie connection). In this first image the poses of the models (especially the one on the left) look rigid, as if the models (dolls) have been positioned manually and are unable to move themselves. And despite the models having beautiful figures, it is not their skinniness or shape that really makes them look like Barbie dolls, but rather how they are positioned, the colour choice, the way the light hits the skin making it shine, and how disconnected to their own bodies they appear. I think it is a wonderful accomplishment from Jansson.


On another note, I found a black and white image (above) from the series which despite being more beautiful (in my eyes), completely loses the doll-like aspect. I find that without the colour, and with the shine diminished, that the models’ human quality returns and they appear as two naked girls hanging by the pool (seductively, of course). So I suppose in this instance colour photography really achieves something that is arguably otherwise unachievable through a black and white image. Normally I prefer black and white photography, so it is great for photographers like Jansson to impress me with the accomplishments of colour.

Elizaveta Porodina

Elizaveta Porodina makes beautiful photography and photo-collages, as seen below. There is a lovely ethereal nature to her work. Very feminine, very dreamy. The soft focus creates a mystical quality and the beautiful women as subject simply enhance this feminine mystique. It is nice to see a softer side to women that isn’t made to appear weak in any way. I see strength in her subjects. And while they may be in vulnerable positions at times, the essence is not of vulnerability. Femininity doesn’t have to mean weakness, and I worry that it can overlap like that in a negative way. Having beauty should make us feel strong and empowered rather than making one feel limited to their appearance. Porodina creates a beautiful balance between feminine softness (through photographic technique and posing) and an unspoken strength of character (from facial expression and essence of the models) that positions femininity in a positive and admirable light.



Visual Female of the Month is up! Make sure to check out the interview with Miss May – my dear friend Jessie Bush, the face behind the successful blog, We The People. Jessie is such a talent and I’m so glad to know her, even if she is on the other side of the world! Make sure you click on the link to read the interview and get to know more about Jessie and We The People.

Also, if you, or anyone you know seem like a good candidate for Visual Female of the Month, then please get in touch with me via my email located on my About page.

Blood and Fame


I happened upon this striking image of Allison Harvard, who I remember watching on America’s Next Top Model some time ago. While she was really quite stunning, I did get a little sick of her relying on her big eyes to get a good photo. However, I really like this artwork based on her. It plays on her natural innocence and etherial face through the use of the wispy whiteness of her hair merging into the background. Yet, at the same time a certain darkness is brought to the image through the addition of blood from her eye, nose and mouth. Something about it just seems so right to me. I think maybe it is the blank (we’ve all seen it) expression paired with the blood that makes her seem quite catatonic. Or maybe it’s the distinctness of the red against her pale face and hair? Or that the red lips, despite the blood around them, maintain an erotic element. Whatever it may be, I really like the image, so good work to whoever made it!

Elements of the image also reminded me of the series below, Slaughterhouse Starlets, by Keith P. Rein. The mix of celebrity and blood seems to be quite effective. If you like Rein’s work then you can purchase it at his Society6 store.

rein2         rein6

rein5         rein4

rein3         rein1


I love how much digital technology can offer art and design. There is literally so much we can do with visual images to enhance and alter them. Here is a small selection of collage style pieces that use what I collectively call ‘layers’ to create some interesting compositions. I love how they all connect but also stand alone as complete pieces.

For your viewing pleasure I have also grouped them within the grouping. I’m tossing up between the first four (by Erin Case) and the second four as my favourites. Hmm, maybe the second four as a collective, but I do love the very first image in the first four as a piece on its own.

Ahh, the possibilities in this world truly feel endless! Why not try to get creative today, I’m sure you will surprise yourself with your inner mind x

anddd3_normal clark_gable_normal

falls2_alt_normal  gc_hair_normal-erincase



shadow-9 shadow-6

shadow-1 shadow-4

Klimt Again

A while back I posted some Klimt homages. In my research I found some cool fashion shoots from Vogue that had a Klimt vibe, but I didn’t quite deem them right for Copy Klimt. I thought I would share them now as they are really quite nice images. One can definitely see the Klimt essence, yet these images are quite modern and edgy. I love the merging of pattern – from sheets, cushions and clothing to the effect of tattoos through body paint. This really unites each piece, and the tattoo and 50s style look of the model transforms the piece into something original. Really fun and vibrant pieces! A great way to kickstart your weekend. Enjoy! x


Under the Sea

I felt like sharing quite a few images today, so here is an aquatic themed selection to quench your thirst. They are quite different but all connect through their reference to the ocean. I love how many ways a person can portray water – with extreme realism or with an abstract suggestion. I love this first piece by Kelly McKernan, who has quite a few water themed pieces you should check out on her website. Water and women seem to go together quite nicely. Perhaps it is the mermaid or siren idea that allows an easy way to connect the two, or simply the notion that water is feminine. Either way, I find that the combination can create a mysterious yet almost sinister essence. Do you agree?


Pisces blog?20-09_floating_by_evniki


pearls for kisses


I do?

I came across this image and instantly thought “How many people would still get married if they had to do it like this?”


I honestly think it would be one of the greatest tests. Marriage is supposed to be the ultimate commitment and declaration of love to one person, so arguably one would (should) do anything for this. But, as a lot of us know, many marriages are short-lived and are never wholly true to begin with – a mere fantasy of ‘better-ness’ that never arrives. I wonder how many women would still want to commit to that man they believe is the one if they had to bare all in-front of family and friends? If marriage really means so much to people, then I believe that they should want to do it under any circumstance. Yet if all marriage really means to them is a chance to dress up and play princess for a day then they need to reconsider what they are doing.

Have a happy weekend x


I don’t often indulge in purchasing magazines as I find them a bit pricy and I’m not really that fashionable. But they can be a good treat sometimes. In saying all this, I haven’t actually bought a magazine today, but simply wanted to share a few covers that I think are pretty cool. Ooh how fun would it be to work as a graphic designer for one of these magazines. Well, at least dreams are free… unlike magazines (hah). Enjoy.





I also found this mirror image of Tar magazine which I think is quite fun.


mood board

Hey all! Hope you have had some good times over the holiday season, with more still to come.  I’ve been away so have been a bit slack with posting, but here’s something I was playing with before that I thought I would share.  Sometimes I get so fixated on having to be creative from scratch that I never bother doing anything.  But there’s no reason why creativity can’t just be playing or creating in any method, like I have done here. A kind of mood board for you all to ponder. Peace and happiness xx



Dark and Light



I think both these photographs are truly stunning.  I paired them together as they have a similar kind of vibe with a female in nature, but both contrast due to the use of light and dark.  The first image is quite dark and really works as a piece.  The silhouette the leaves of the tree cast and the woman confronting us as she moves forward; sensual, strong, controlled. Then the second image, which works because of the white lace top and fair hair which adds to her overall lightness.  She closes her eyes and rests amongst the grass and daisies and exudes a sweet serenity. She seems younger, more innocent.  While these images are not connected by artist, they seem to showcase a duality of the feminine. I quite like looking at them together, I hope you do too.

The black and white image

I love the serenity of these images by photographer Dylan Forsberg.  And Kasia Struss is an exquisite androgynous beauty.  There’s certainly something wonderful about a black and white image.  It almost instantly transforms something into art I think due to the fact that it becomes more disassociated with reality through the lack of colour.  A beautiful image in colour, can of course still be incredibly artistic, and certain images wholly depend on colour for meaning.  But I think black and white makes us see it in a different way, a way that we cannot see in the everyday, and that makes it special.  I don’t think many people would choose to only see in black and white, so it is that fleetingness of both photography and colour-blindness that make the black and white photo so wonderful.

Looking at these two last images I overwhelmingly prefer the black and white one.  But perhaps that is just me.  I guess the beauty of photography today is that we can see one image in multiple ways due to computer technology.  I’m sure if we could still only develop photos in black and white we would long for colour.  We should just be grateful we have both. x

What’s that doing?


I found this image of Catrin Claeson who is such a babe.  I especially like the shots of her in black and white, as they have a more artistic feel.  Some other stuff I see of her reminds me of bad catalogues.  I especially like this image as it reminds me of a mermaid. I guess the long hair, being topless and the tights suggest it all without having to go to the need of showing a tail.  I think that would be too much anyway and make it a bit cheesy.  It’s interesting though that there is that phallic addition – I don’t actually know what is peeking out there.  What is this achieving? Is it mocking men or masculinising her?  She’s empowered because she’s got a penis representation?  Ahh, I really don’t know.  But it bothers me more than I like it.  I would photoshop it out.


he or she or he

Purely by chance (or was it??) I happened across some interesting images today whilst searching for some inspiration for a current design project.  Only just deciding to get into the internet world, and not having much of a mind for fashion, I am probably madly behind the pack here.  But what the hell – Andrej Pejic.  Ring any bells?  I found him today when googling “androgynous model photography”.  Heaps of images of this guy, who quite easily looks like a beautiful woman, came up.   Super fascinating and really intriguing.  I didn’t expect to find such a lack of gender boundaries in one person.  How can a man be so beautiful? And not only beautiful for a man, but genuinely beautiful for a woman.  The ironic thing is that minutes earlier I had saved an image of Pejic I found in a different google search and I had no idea it was a man.  I found it and was like, “cool, this is pretty much perfect for what I want to recreate”.  And recreate with a female friend of mine.  How funny.  An interesting place to start this blog I think.  Here’s the original picture I saved and then some more showing Pejic in more masculine images.  Enjoy and let me know your thoughts?  I reckon this male-for-female mistake is way more forgivable than anyone that questioned Taylor Hanson.


The original image I found.


Pejic looking like a dude.


Maybe taking things a little too far? Or the perfect way to trick your guy friends?

I’d love to hear your thoughts x

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