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Beauty in Chaos

While taking a break from my menial copywriting jobs, I saw this stunning piece by Alexandra Levassuer. I love her. Like a lot of artists I love, I sometimes forget about them, so it is great when social media re-alerts you to something aesthetic that makes your heart warm. I just had to share it. I also would like to eat it. Hah. Enjoy your days beautiful people xxxx

Alexandra levasseur

Tadas Sidlauskas

Lithuanian oil-painter, Tadas Sidlauskas, uses colour, ornamentation, abstract shapes and human figures to bring strong emotion into his paintings. I especially like these three pieces from his portfolio, mainly the use of primary colours in these first two images and the Klimt influence in the final image. To see more visit his website.



Erik Jones

I love the vibrant artwork of Erik Jones. His work combines realism with abstraction and surrealism to create striking statement art that revolves around women. Here’s a few pieces I like, but check out a whole lot more here (it’s worth it, I swear).

erik the swinerik jones

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amanda_charchian_x_eli_craven_05 my love is selfish unframed1_600. anya brok

April – Marta Julia Piórko

Visual Female of the Month for April is the amazingly talented Marta Julia Piórko. Marta’s art is really fascinating. Her realistic style showcases animals and humans, sometimes interacting in interesting ways, and allows us to remember our own creativity as humans. You can check out the interview here.


Hannah Adamaszek

Living in Christchurch, New Zealand has its downfalls. After the February earthquake (22/2/11) a lot changed – buildings were gone and the perks of city life diminished. Places to eat, drink and spend the early hours of the morning are hard to find and they aren’t what they used to be – although the new scene that is (slowly) building is pretty nice. All it needs, in my opinion, is some more creative, unique people to occupy it. In terms of post-earthquake perks, the addition of visually spectacular street art has to be at the top of the list. Around the city are huge pieces of art scattered on old, brick walls as well as resting on slick walls of the very newest buildings. Street art is truly a wonderful type of art. It brings joy and creativity to otherwise bland landscapes and is always united by its distinct style. I recently discovered Hannah Adamaszek (online unfortunately, her work does not grace my city yet) who is both a street artist as well as painter and drawer. Her work is incredibly delicious. Bohemian energy and whimsical colours connect in her feminine art that focuses on the female face. Whether big or small, her women look pretty damn enticing. Here are a few pieces that stood out to me, but do check out her website for much more – it’s a lovely website and you can also get the link to her blog there. We might be two peas in a pod, as while Hannah makes all this amazing art she also co-runs an art blog to help support other artists. Pretty cool, huh?

hannahSaltwater-Love-hannah adamaszekStorm-ChaserWhitechapel-3-web

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my love is selfish unframed1_600. anya brok mike1 XOOOOX---Transformer-I-(Laguna)---2013---(120x100cm)

Kelsey Beckett

Kelsey Beckett is an amazing artist who works both digitally and in acrylics. She masters both mediums really well to create art that is provocative and a little bit dark. Here is a selection of digital pieces that really caught my eye (the first image is just brilliant). But be sure to take a look at her portfolio to see her paintings and much more work!

rattle-snake kelsey beckettcatfish kesley draw-ghosts-on-my-back beckett

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kaun Kemi_Mai_painting01

November Print Picks

Here’s a selection of art prints I think are pretty cool. If you also think these are cool then click on the link (the talented artists name) to be taken to the magical place where you can purchase them. All are really reasonably priced, so why not spoil yourself or a loved one? With Christmas coming it’s pretty much the ideal time for shopping and supporting artists. They all really appreciate it, I guarantee you. xx


Natalie Foss

helen green

Helen Green

feline zegers

Feline Zegers

alex garant

Alex Garant

Sofia Bonati

Sofia Bonati

Abbey McCulloch

Australian artist, Abbey McCulloch, describes her art as simple, illustrative and quirky. These three pieces I have chosen fit that mould, but also have a strange femininity attached to them, and in some ways, connect to my last post on Martine Johanna. Each woman is a little warped through the amazing painting style McCulloch uses. Their energy seems to be zapped, like they have given up trying. Yet, at the same time, I see a mischievous energy that lets me know they are not dead, but simple sighing at the world, enjoying some relief before battling on as Woman once more. The amazing hues of pink and yellow as well as the interesting compositions make these pieces of art well worth investigating. I certainly love them and hope you do to. Spend some time to absorb their energy and see how you feel. Happy Monday everyone! x

Abbey-McCulloch8 Abbey-McCulloch12 Abbey-McCulloch7-500x574

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Martine_Johanna_art_02 risque2

The Grand Illusion of Sanity

The amazing Martine Johanna is currently exhibiting at Walls gallery, Amsterdam. Her exhibition ‘The Grand Illusion of Sanity’ looks at the history of women being made to feel like they can’t speak, that their minds are not sound and the misconception of female hysteria. These issues are really important as (sadly) many women still battle with them today. When we speak up it is easy for men to say we are ‘crazy’, ‘on the rag’ and other grossly untrue comments used to try to ‘put us in our place’ (The kitchen? The bedroom? Certainly not in front of a microphone or keyboard. I should get a wrist slap right now!) I have always enjoyed Johanna’s work and especially love these pieces from her current exhibition. I hope you do too! Oh, but whether you do or don’t, make sure you don’t say something hysterical, it’s only art after all!


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martine johannared MartineJohanna_inia-1

Bec Winnel

Australian artist, Bec Winnel, is one talented lady! Her amazing, detailed illustrations are both precise and evocative with reference to flowers and nature. Winnel often portrays sensual women in an ethereal style that is both dreamy and a little haunting. She writes, “Through my portraits, I hope to contribute to society with beautiful and positive imagery of women, to hopefully remind us that women are beautiful, loving, mysterious creatures with an abundant amount of nurturing to offer. My art is a visual celebration of femininity and freedom of self expression, also an expression of my journey through womanhood.” Here is a selection of her work from a range of media. To see more visit her website.

Signal-Fire AtTheBottomOfTheGardenIntertwinedYouCompleteMeCancy

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Hsiao-Ron-Cheng-part2-10 %22S.O.%22 by Jennifer Healy jennifer-madden-illustration-series-01

Blue Companions

I have connected these images together through their unifying blue colouring and the pairing in each image. Each pairing is different but they all have a slightly eerie nature to them and exude a highly emotive power.  The first, a man and a woman amid sex (Milan Nenezic), next, two blue birds in a stormy setting (Zofia Bogusz) and finally, two women holding hands, eyes closed awaiting their moment (Shae Acopian Detar). I love all these images separately and even more when viewed together. Truly amazing painting by both artists and a captivating photography and fashion combo by Detar.

DREAM oil on canvas- milannenezic Dreamer-Zofia_Bogusz Shae Acopian Detar Photography

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Moment After-milannenezic olganoeshalom

Milan Nenezic

Milan Nenezic is a fantastic, realistic painter. I love the colours in this image which is part of a series that captures moments often ignored in art. This one, called ‘The Moment After’, exudes a safe serenity and a heightened sensuality post intimacy. Evocative and emotional, Nenezic creates some truly fascinating paintings well worth exploring.

Moment After-milannenezic

Here are a few more images from this series that I particularly like.

The moment after Katarina- oil on canvas-  100cm x 140cm The moment after- oil on canvas- 100cm x 140cm

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MartineJohanna_inia-1 leeprice

Out There

This recent Kemi Mai image is totally wonderful. I love the parallel created with the road on her jumper. I recently discovered that Mai uses portraits to tell a story and express concepts, rather than simply capturing a person’s likeness. I’m trying to learn digital painting at the moment, so Mai is a nice source of inspiration right now! I hope you enjoy this piece.

out there kemi mai

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Kemi_Mai_painting01 portrait study - tom bagshaw morning star - ruben ireland

Den of Foxes

I really enjoy this piece by Mandy Tsung. It is a little bit different to other work of hers that I have shared in that there is quite a complex background and story going on, but what really makes the piece stand out to me is how well the wood grain works as the wall. Amazing. In terms of subject, the woman is empowered in her sexuality which is always great to see. How she holds the fox tail reflects the ease with which women can gain control over men (shown as a butler here, a literal servant) by using one’s sexuality. A good, interesting piece to wrap up the week. Enjoy.

den of foxes


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mandy_huli_jing MartineJohanna_inia-1 illustrationaudreykawasakipaintingdrawingfemalesubjectart-cf8cde300d41d9318eb0cd75dacf81a9_h

Tatyana Ilieva

Tatyana Ilieva is a Bulgarian artist who aims to express positivity and movement in her work. With the simple goal of trying to make people happy through her art, Ilieva’s work is pure and sincere. With a romantic nature, subject matter is heavily made up of lovers or dancers, and the colours and style Ilieva uses works to enhance this dreamy, ethereal quality. Moments of connection, passion and embrace exist under the umbrella of beauty. Enjoy this selection of Ilieva’s watercolour and oil paintings – for more work check out her website or Facebook page.

Colors Inside Made of glassGood morning   Painted love She loves you Swan Lake The Butterfly EffectBonding in our differences WonderwallBlack swan

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%22S.O.%22 by Jennifer Healy Entropyhoryon lee dress

Hsiao-Ron Cheng

Taiwanese artists, Hsiao-Ron Cheng, creates amazing surrealist portraits that connect to childhood and express the distinction between animals, nature and children. Executed wonderfully, her work is fascinating and intriguing. Hsiao-Ron Cheng was awarded the Young Illustrator Award in 2012, and I can easily see why. Not only is her subject matter majestic but her style adds an eerie aspect that is often present in contemporary Asian art. Here are a few pieces I like, but definitely check out her website to see all aspects of her work.


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mandy_huli_jing openingnight Tropic Melodycontrast2

Mandy Tsung

Mandy Tsung produces really wonderful work that focuses around women. I love her style and how intriguing her work is. There is something great about work on wood panels, and can’t help but connect this to the amazing Audrey Kawasaki. I do see similarities in their work, but Tsung certainly has her own, developed style.


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illustrationaudreykawasakipaintingdrawingfemalesubjectart-cf8cde300d41d9318eb0cd75dacf81a9_h keeper-kawasaki JAW Cooper

Bernhard Handick

Loving the photography and mixed-media collage from Bernhard Handick. His work is interesting and sensual, and just what I feel like looking at today. Hopefully you enjoy it too! One piece reminds me of an image by Richard Prince that I shared a while back, see if you can find the connection x

LilliBernhard-Handick-8 Bernhard-Handick-6 Bernhard-Handick-5

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25_playing-with-fire1 fashion-illustrations-by-kelly-thompson-5 ivonovaprofile

Tom Bagshaw

I found Tom Bagshaw on Facebook in the last couple of days and was blown away. Some of his work really connects to my aesthetic. While not every piece amazes me in such a way, the ones that do are absolutely fantastic. I have selected the pieces that I really enjoyed, but to see more visit his FB page or website where there is a wide selection to browse through.

portrait study - tom bagshawAudrey - Tom Bagshawbelow the surface - tom bagshawChasca - Tom Bagshaw

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AnnieOwensBerenice diegeo.fernandez.painting alice - elena mir

Saidov Aydemir

Saidov Aydemir is a Russian artist who creates some truly dreamy, wonderful pieces. I love his paintings of women, but he also does a pretty awesome job with landscapes and still life. His work is realistic and romantic. It takes me back to an older time. In some ways I would connect his work to Charmaine Olivia – both use realism and focus on the faces and get more gestural around the edges and backgrounds of the images. His first piece shown here is the most like Charmaine in style – but isn’t solely his style, as you will see as you scroll down. Charmaine is more modern than Saidov, but both artists are really refreshing in their quest for true beauty and romanticism. Here is a collection of pieces by Saidov Aydemir that I thought were worth sharing.


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ocean hair - charmaine olivia malcolmliepke3 Emanuele-Cassina-2


Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter and rather interesting woman. Through her life she suffered greatly as the result from a vehicle accident, where the bus she was on collided with a trolley car. Frida was 18. One result of this was an iron handrail piercing her abdomen and uterus, which meant reproductive trouble. While she conceived three times, she couldn’t carry to term, and had to terminate her pregnancies. She was born on July 6, which makes her the most maternal sign of the zodiac, Cancer. But her accident turned her towards art and painting. She commonly painted self-portraits, as a way to deal with her trauma, but also because she knew herself so well. She has stated “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

Her work is quite captivating, and honest and raw. Her work often had a lot of nature in it, which makes sense to me with Frida being a Cancer whom often love animals. It would make sense that she could be drawn to animals and nature as a way to express her emotions. I like these three pieces by her.


I recently remembered Frida because I noticed that a few artists I follow were doing their own portraits of her. So, I want to share these also. Cate Rangel’s piece connects more to the pain and life of Frida, whereas Liz Clements is very obviously Liz Clements style (which is a great style, but speaks less about Frida as a person). They both have hummingbirds in them, which is interesting.

Cate Rangel - Frida

Cate Rangel – Frida

Liz Clements - Frida

Liz Clements – Frida

A wonderful woman worth sharing.

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25_playing-with-fire1 I Need You So Much Closer JAW Cooper



Blue. The last colour of the rainbow. I sort of like blue, but once again, I don’t find myself wearing it very often. Some people love blue. I knew a boy who would wear all blue outfits (if you count denim as blue, which I do). The zodiac sign Taurus (the bull) likes blue. They find it calming. The boy I just mentioned was a Taurus. I might have made him nervous. At least I never wore red. Blue gets used as a default colour far too much. Even now, WordPress likes its blue. So does Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. This kinds of degrades blue to me. I believe it’s a calming, neutral colour. I heard today on the television that blue is the colour of communication. That would make sense why it is used for many social media platforms. I try not to have too much blue on this blog. Other than in the art. It’s quite pretty in the art. So, in saying all that, here are a few pieces that utilise blue.

olganoeshalom943102_13208796_bpazucheng.kateinblue galaxy - ashley white jacobsen5senor salmemarilyninblue.paulettesorhaindo

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pink3 conrad-roset3 Diego-Fernandez_5_600_800 Filamentous Mollusca

Mike McLean

In my recent interview with Morgan Connoleyshe mentioned that she loved work by fellow Australian artist, Mike McLean. Well, I do too. His work fits into street style, with spray paint creating lovely textures and organic drips. He works on large-scale pieces (which is evident in the way he photographs his work – which I really like). There are a lot of women as subject matter, which of course makes me happy. His women are beautiful and provoking. It is amazing how such simple line work can evoke so much. Here are a few pieces I like. To see more, visit and like his Facebook page.



mikemclean6 2 mike2mikemclean3

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red - st jane vinicius-quesadas-women-cat-red missled2


my opinon of you

Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile, makes wonderful art. A lot of her process is shown through video clips which are worth checking out. I follow her on Facebook and today she posted this piece titled “My Opinion About You’. I love it. I’m sure we all feel a little bit like this about some people, or ideas or concepts. Visit her website for links to places she shares her work. Or simply like her on Facebook. If you aren’t familiar with her, you must do some research. Her work is amazing. So talented. Enjoy.

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agnes cecile  tumblr_lntxdpSU0O1qa2ld9 alexandra ...

Alexandra Levassuer

In my recent This vs. That, I crowned Alexandra Levasseur winner for Round Twelve: PatternHer work is really wonderful, and she has to be my favourite latest find. So, in saying all that, I thought I would share some more of her work, because it really must be seen. I hope you like these pieces. Have a great weekend. It’s my birthday on Sunday, so I say the celebrations start tonight and go all weekend. Wine, here I come. xx

alexandra ...alexandrales25_playing-with-fire1Alexandra-Lavasseur-5Art-by-Alexandra-Levasseur-22

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thisvsthat12-01 MartineJohanna_inia-1 fashion-illustrations-by-kelly-thompson-5


Red. The first colour of the rainbow. I like red, but I don’t find myself wearing it very often. I don’t know why. I think some people just love red and wear it all the time, whereas others never really get into it. My mum loves red shoes. The three fire signs of the zodiac (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) are associated with red. Sometimes I notice friends that wear red a lot are one of those fire signs. Red is associated with love. And lust. And is sometimes in art, but not as much as other, more subtle colours. Here are a few pieces that utilise red quite nicely.

conrad-roset3angiewangJAW - nectarfirestarter.olganoeshugobarros.girls

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conrad.roset.4 red - st jane I Need You So Much Closer pink3

Yong Sung Heo

I’m loving these paintings by Yon Sung Heo, especially the top piece. It’s so wonderfully creepy. The pale skin combined with the Asian features is quite delicious. The clothing and the environment make it extra creepy and it is an overall cool piece of art. It reminds me of a scene from a book I have been reading lately. While the subject matter isn’t entirely the same, the idea of a strange (slightly demonic) adolescent half-dressed surrounded by nature rings true. All she needs is to be covered in leeches. Enjoy these delightfully unusual pieces.


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mark-ryden-09 hikari shimoda bunny Mervemaggots



Above: Inspiration collage.  Below: Pieces used to make the collage

charcoal    Tattooed Illustrations    mirandakerr    birds

sketch    stripes    lips    pink

The Visual Female recently set up a Pinterest page which acts as another outlet to showcase images from this blog. Each image that is posted here, will later be pinned to an appropriate board on Pinterest. But, sometimes there are pieces that haven’t made it onto this blog quite yet. For those, I put them onto my ‘Inspiration’ Board. It is also a way for me to repin the amazing visuals I come across from the boards I follow. I wanted to share some pieces from my Inspiration Board, so I decided to make a small collage of a few pieces as seen at the top of the page. And, just so each image gets its own little bit of fame, they are all there as thumbnails. Hopefully either my inspiration collage, or the individual images can get you all a little inspired. If you are on Pinterest, make sure to follow The Visual Female.

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Porodina3 annacollageattempt croppiece-02


I love Juxtapoz Magazine’s website. It has so much to offer, and following on Facebook and Twitter keeps you up to date with new artists and artworks. One section that I find quite interesting is the Erotica tab. As you can imagine, it showcases art that has some erotic element. But don’t be too offended prudish people, because the section isn’t as sexual as you might imagine. Rather, pieces have strong sensuality or offer provocative women in a rather subtle way. Of course, some pieces are a bit more out there, but I find this is often connected to culture which is an interesting way to explore erotic art. If you have some spare time, I would recommend going to have a nosey at http://www.juxtapoz.com/ and browsing the Erotica SectionIn case you’re not entirely convinced, I have collected a few artists that I discovered there.

Malcolm Liepke

liepke201101   malcolmliepke3malcomliepke2

Adams Carvalho

adamscarvalho  adamscarvalho2

Takato Yamamoto

yamamoto-divertimento-sweet-time    takato+yamamoto    takatoyTakato-Yamamoto-10-600x337

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This vs. That: Round Eleven

We are halfway thought August (I know, can you believe it?) which means it’s time for This vs. That. This month I look at some art that is pretty realistic, but also has some interesting compositional elements. Round Eleven: Realism  is worth a read, as I discuss some fresh ideas I haven’t really touched on before. I know there are a few of you out there that really love This vs. That, which makes me oh so happy. I hope you enjoy this months edition and my composition analysis. Stay cool (you know who you are).


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Round Ten: Splashes, Round Nine: Visibility, Round Eight: Skulls, 


Visual Female of the Month is up! This month I check in with the wonderful water-colour artist Kelly McKernan. So if you want to see some good art and some inspiring thoughts, you must read her interview. Kelly was so professional to deal with, you can really tell she takes her art profession seriously. I love that about people! Maybe it’s something I should take on board a little more… Hah. But anyway, read Miss August, Miss Kelly McKernan, right now! (Or else your brain might shrink a little… well it won’t expand a little). Enjoy the weekend lovely readers xx


I set myself a challenge to write a poem based on a painting. I chose this piece by Michael Shapcott.

michael shapcott - the girl and the owl


I once was a woman
who could fly.
But now my wings have been clipped
and I simply perch
high in a tree and wait
until one day they might grow again.

Until that day I wait and wonder
what is passing me by,
as I sit here in my captive castle,
trapped (drowning) in my own melancholic tendencies.
A sad swelling emptiness
fueled by my isolation.

Until my wings grow.
Until my wings grow.
Until they grow.

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jennifer-madden-illustration-series-01 diegeo.fernandez.painting Filamentous Mollusca

Martine Johanna

If you are yet to discover Dutch artist Martine Johanna, then this is your lucky day. Her work is just divine. It appeals to my aesthetic so much that I  seem to like pretty much every single piece she does. There is quite a lot of variety in her work, but within it I find myself drawn to every style, every idea. Variety can be quite rare for many artists as they often become very limited to one specific style. Which means, if you don’t like one piece, you probably won’t like any. On the other hand, a strong style can really appeal to certain people and give you a specific and devoted audience. But with Johanna I would hope that everyone could find a piece they liked. (And it’s simply a matter of bad taste if someone disagrees here). I will share the first pieces I stumbled upon (to make your first time like my first time, if you haven’t had a first already), but make sure to check out her website for a whole range of beautiful awesomeness. Dreamy, surreal, beautiful, erotic, nouveau, strange, mythical and fantastic are just a few words to describe it all. Do check it out. Here. Do it.

MartineJohanna_inia-1 MartineJohanna_jesse Martine-Johanna-illustration-08

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This vs. That: Round Ten

Mid-month has flown around again, which means a push and a shove for me to get analytical. Yes, that’s just my fancy way of saying it’s time for This vs. That. This month I look at the use of colour by the means of splatter and such in Round Ten: Splashes. Be sure to have a read and let me know your wonderful thoughts on the matter. Do you like art in this style? Who did it better here? And who does it best in general? Got your own mixed media piece that you would like to share? Let me know – I’m always on the hunt for more artwork to share and promote.

As always, thanks for reading x


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We are almost nearing the end of Mercury retrograde – thank goodness! For those of you that don’t know about Mercury retrograde, here’s a brief rundown. About three times a year, the planet Mercury starts turning in a backward motion which begins to cause some havoc. Mercury governs communication and transportation, so in retrograde you may notice that issues arise surrounding these matters. Examples of such include computers crashing, missing appointments, buses running late, things going missing and so on. Essentially, it is not such a flash time of the year. Mercury is a bit of a trickster, so if you have noticed things going a little weird you can start to relax, as retrograde will finish in the 20th of July, and things will start to go back to normal. I find Gala Darlings run down of retrograde pretty good, so check it out here. Plus, retrograde isn’t all bad, as Gala explains.

Like myself, Gala is a Virgo. This may explain why she has an interest in Mercury retrograde, as Mercury is the ruling planet of both Virgo and Gemini. And this means that us Virgos, and all those Geminis out there, feel the effects of retrograde quite a bit harder than the other signs of the zodiac. I haven’t had too many issues this time, but have had hard-drives break and other serious mishaps in the past. Although, I have to wonder about where my emails are going lately… I am not getting the usual replies, which is making progression quite difficult. But nevermind, enough about me. Here are a few artists that may be feeling, or could have felt, the effects of Mercury retrograde. Yes, they are all Virgos or Geminis.


Joel-Peter Witkin – September 13, 1939

artwork_images_357_421581_joel-peter-witkin joel-peter

Jen Mann – September 17, 1987

mydeer-jenmann Jen-Mann-11

Man Ray – August 27, 1890

manray4 ML/F/1984/91


John Baldessari – June 17, 1931

johnbaldessari   1919_baldessari

Egon Schiele – June 12, 1890

wally-with-a-red-blouse  Egon-Schiele-Two-Women-Em-001

Diego Velazquez – June 6, 1599

velazquez.meninas a-souvenir-of-velazquez

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planets JenMannWolves egonscheile.greengirl manray-guitar1

Mark Ryden

I found these pieces by Mark Ryden a few days ago, and love the creepy nature of them. They are little ghostly, a little supernatural, and just plain odd (which is fantastic). I love white based art and pieces that are quite subtle. I have to say I find this first image so good. I don’t know exactly why, but something about it connects with me and I rather love it. She is kind of like a baby Yeti. And the facial expression is so right. I kind of want a massive print of it to put in my bedroom. Maybe that would scare off any guests, but maybe it would make for an interesting conversation starter. After all, it’s far more fun to be interesting than generic. So enjoy this creepy, yet fascinating art. Oh. And doesn’t the last piece remind you of those toilet brush (or roll) holders. It was like a plastic doll with a big skirt that held and hid the brush or roll (really can’t remember well enough, but I know my nana used to have one – bizarre inventions). Anyhow, they looked really similar to the final piece here. The memory adds a whole new dimension of strange to me. Love it! Enjoy the last of the weekend x

mark-ryden-08 mark-ryden-09 mark-ryden-11

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Mervemaggots Allison-fanart-allison-harvard-31211176-460-621 hikari shimoda bunny

Jennifer Madden

Jennifer Madden is an English illustrator, designer, and fine artist that makes work that I just adore. Her pencil sketches are refreshing – having a beautiful raw, natural energy – something that can sometimes get lost under the search of perfection. Her paint work is also exquisite and maintains the same energy. A lot of her work focuses on children or young girls and incorporates a connection to nature, such as an animal. In some pieces this is as simple as holding a rabbit, but in others it can be incorporating antlers into a headband of sorts. The girls seem to always have their heads adorned with animal features or oversized bows. It is fun and frivolous, but the essence of each piece also has a withdrawn, muted aspect. The girls look historical in some pieces which adds an allure of mystery. What is their story? Where do they belong? Like all good art, Madden balances beauty with an aura of wonderment that makes you want to linger on the pieces. A definite star in my opinion. You can see more of her work on her beautiful website.

jennifer-madden-illustration-series-05jennifer-madden-illustration-series-01 jennifer-madden-illustration-series-03 jennifermadden

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bellaharris.bamboohair tumblr_lntxdpSU0O1qa2ld9 JenMannFox

Horyon Lee

Here’s something a little sensual for your Sunday. Work is by Korean artist, Horyon Lee. They are all paintings that mimic double exposure photography to create something a little flirty and seductive. The movement through use of clothing really brings certain pieces to life. I like the concept and love the execution. I have selected a few of my favourites here, but to see more of her work (which goes a little Korean at some points) visit her website and have a nosey. Happy Sunday everyone! (We have had snow and rain for the last week and today it is actually kinda sunny – the name fits!)

horyon lee ipodhoryon lee chesthoryon lee legshoryon lee dress

fashion-illustrations-by-kelly-thompson-5 Porodina3 colette1

Bette Davis

I’m posting this painting I did a few years ago, today, because somebody (somebody cool) purchased a print from my Etsy store. Woohoo! I made an Etsy store ages ago, and only put up a few pieces that I have printed already (but more to come soon). I had almost forgotten that I had done this, when I received notification that I had sold my Bette Davis print. So, I thought I may as well share this image with my viewers.


It’s a lovely, simple painting that I did quite a while ago when I was rekindling my love for art. While I studied art at high school, I focused on still life and abstract art. Only when I left school and began more self-taught art did I start painting people (well, just women… what a surprise). In my third year of University I developed a renewed passion for art and anything creative. I was loving my film studies, writing interesting essays on all sorts of creative topics, and teaching myself how to paint women. I began with some classic actresses whom I was then watching in class. They were the perfect place to begin, and allowed my minimal resources (paper, black paint, a few brushes) to flourish. What better way to translate black and white movie actresses than in black and white? During that year I also experimented with women in colour, and while I like what I produced, it seems the public prefer my black and white pieces. Perhaps it’s the style, or the subject, or  the combination, but they seem to do alright.

I love this image and have the original hanging in my room. So, I am really glad that somebody else seems to agree! I hope the print brings them some joy. If you like this image, I have one small print left for sale on my Etsy store, as well as various prints and products you can purchase on Society6, and my most recent outlet, Redbubble.

Also, let me know if you like artwork like this, and whether or not I should dip my brush back in this style.

rein3 Bow in Hair T

This vs. That: Round Nine

It’s time for Round Nine of This vs. ThatThis month I look at two pieces by Jen Mann. The catch is, that the pieces are actually only one piece (!?). Well, not exactly, but I look at how she has edited an existing piece of hers to make a new piece. Photography, luckily, allows us to see the before and after to which I comment on. Have a read over Round Nine: Visibility and let me know what piece you prefer. Did Jen Mann make the work better? Or should she have left it alone? Or, perhaps it could still be worked on? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Round Eight: SkullsRound Seven: FacelessRound Six: Creepy Children

Egon Vs Conrad

egon-schiele egonscheile.greengirlEgon_Schiele_-_Zwei_sich_umarmende_Frauen_-_1911

I love Egon Schiele. His work is raw and wonderful. Twisted bodies, decaying bodies, erotic bodies. Some artists have an innate ability with line work, creating effortless, organic pieces. Schiele was no exception. I’m sure a lot of artists are inspired by him (and his mentor Gustav Klimt) and can’t help but want to do their own studies in Schiele style. Previously, I have connected some pieces by New Zealand artist, Kelly Thompson, with some of Schiele’s nude adolescents. You can refresh yourself with my musings here. And now I recently discovered Spanish artist, Conrad Roset, who draws strong influence from Schiele. I have gathered a few pieces in which I see connections. Arguably, Roset does not have the erotic similarities of Schiele, but his style (especially the thick paint outlining the figures) is definitely a match.

conradroset   conradroset2  conrad.roset.4 conradroset.oldmuse

If you want to read more on Egon Schiele, I found an interesting article here.


It’s Queen’s Birthday weekend, which means a day off for me in little old New Zealand. It’s raining ever so slightly, making it the perfect day to stay indoors and work on my blog. You may notice that I have totally revamped The Visual Female! I thought it was time for a change, and I am quite pleased with the new look, which should also help with blog navigation. Let me know if you agree?

To celebrate the Queen’s 60th coronation anniversary, I am going to show 60 images of her. No, I’m just kidding around. Rather, I have accumulated a few images that draw attention to one’s head – be it adorned in a crown or some other wonder. Oh, and there’s one of Elizabeth, it would be rude not to.

she'sakillerqueen.helengreen queen.felinezegersanna-dittmann.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.6fbP37Rc0V charmaineolivia1 redridinghoos.giulio.rossiqueenalizabeth2.andywarholbellaharris.bamboohair

Album Cover

A while back I posted an old self-portrait that I had found hidden in a folder on my old computer. Feeling a little creative, I decided to play with it in Photoshop to see if I could make it a worthwhile piece of art (the portrait on its own wasn’t too good!) and came up with something I was relatively happy with. The essence of the image reminded me of an album cover for an electro / indie band or artist. So I promised myself (and my readers) that I would develop the piece even further (adding typography) and pretend I was half-musical and create my own album cover. The result is below.


I quite like it – although it is a bit weird seeing someone who resembles me (even if just a little) on a cover or poster etc. I suppose the plus side of being a blogger or an artist is that you don’t have to look at images of yourself all the time. I’m more than content to keep my own visual identity a very minor aspect of whatever external identity I may acquire over my life-time. But for now, here’s something you can consider when you visualise the face behind The Visual Female.

And just to be a bit of a nag – The Visual Female now has a Facebook page which you should all go and like! Art and happiness xx

This vs. That: Round Eight

Round Eight of This vs. That is up. This month I look at representations of Skulls in the work of Kelly Durette and Florian Meacci. Be sure to check out my analysis and debate to see who I decided was this months winner.

I’m also trying to update my blog a bit, so you will notice my new way of promoting This vs. That! Way more visual, and a little bit more exciting. But do make sure to have a read over Round Eight: Skulls and let me know what you think – and what you think of  my new way of promoting This vs. That. As you know, it’s always great to hear your awesome feedback!


REMINDER: thevisualfemale now has a Facebook page, so have a nosy and hit like – that way you can get updates about new posts directly on your news feed. Have a good day everyone! x

Red Hair

I remember growing up that people with red hair used to get teased. There were only a few around, and they often had all those freckles to match. Now, I don’t know if it is because I have grown up, or if society has made red hair cool, but I don’t feel there is a negative stigma around ladies and gents with red locks. Even a lot of people dye their hair red – so it can’t be that bad. I like it and know it can be so striking. Perhaps it was just us majority brown-haired kids that were a little jealous so teased those more unique than us. Anyway, to celebrate red hair, I have accumulated a few images that show it off.

Also, thevisualfemale now has a Facebook page, so go have a look and like it!

red - st janered hairDenise-Van-Leeuwen23katie1

Elena Mir

Elena Mir’s art generally has quite an Asian vibe – but these two pieces kind of don’t, and I like that about them. Both images are striking – one’s dark and the other is somewhat lighter, but still a little dark. Evocative faces and animal additions connect these two and make pairing them quite nice. It’s hard for me to decide which one I prefer actually. Originally I was thinking the bottom one, but the first image has its own special innocence which is a little captivating. The bottom image has more of a knowing essence which I generally prefer, but tonight I just can’t decide. Fortunately, I don’t have to decide, and I can share and compliment both pieces! Well done Elena – I’m in adoration. See more here.

alice - elena mir dark bird by elena..

Blood and Fame


I happened upon this striking image of Allison Harvard, who I remember watching on America’s Next Top Model some time ago. While she was really quite stunning, I did get a little sick of her relying on her big eyes to get a good photo. However, I really like this artwork based on her. It plays on her natural innocence and etherial face through the use of the wispy whiteness of her hair merging into the background. Yet, at the same time a certain darkness is brought to the image through the addition of blood from her eye, nose and mouth. Something about it just seems so right to me. I think maybe it is the blank (we’ve all seen it) expression paired with the blood that makes her seem quite catatonic. Or maybe it’s the distinctness of the red against her pale face and hair? Or that the red lips, despite the blood around them, maintain an erotic element. Whatever it may be, I really like the image, so good work to whoever made it!

Elements of the image also reminded me of the series below, Slaughterhouse Starlets, by Keith P. Rein. The mix of celebrity and blood seems to be quite effective. If you like Rein’s work then you can purchase it at his Society6 store.

rein2         rein6

rein5         rein4

rein3         rein1


It’s that time again! Check out my fourth Visual Female of the Month, Miss Olga Noes.

Olga is an amazing artist with some interesting perspectives to bring to the table, so, like all my interviews so far, it is worth a read. It is so great getting to know some amazingly talented women out there. Olga was so professional and helpful, so if you want to commission a piece through her I can guarantee she will do you proud.

On another note, I am always looking out for candidates for my Visual Female of the Month section, so if you know anyone, or would like to be interviewed yourself (sorry boys) then get in touch via my email.

Enjoy the weekend and stay happy x

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