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Shen Plum

I stumbled upon Shen Plum‘s work today and was rather happy to have done so. As an illustrator, Plum has a lovely, varied portfolio which you can see here. I have selected three pieces that I enjoyed that also fit within The Visual Female’s aesthetic. Overall, her work is quite playful and fresh, which is never a bad thing! This first piece was done for Bitch Magazine, which is pretty cool! (Check out the mag if you are unfamiliar – lots of great articles and feminist opinions to keep your brain ticking). Enjoy xx

yoko_600 shenplum_emmalee shenplum_lotn_600


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This vs. That: Round Sixteen

Time for this months glorious This vs. That. Today I look at some of Ruben Ireland’s art in tattoo form. Quite  interesting and worth having a look if just for the tattoos. Get reading Round Sixteen: Tattooed and have a think about what piece of art you would have tattooed if you could. Would it reproduce well or would it be just too hard? I always thought something by Man Ray would be pretty cool. Enjoy


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Klimt Again

A while back I posted some Klimt homages. In my research I found some cool fashion shoots from Vogue that had a Klimt vibe, but I didn’t quite deem them right for Copy Klimt. I thought I would share them now as they are really quite nice images. One can definitely see the Klimt essence, yet these images are quite modern and edgy. I love the merging of pattern – from sheets, cushions and clothing to the effect of tattoos through body paint. This really unites each piece, and the tattoo and 50s style look of the model transforms the piece into something original. Really fun and vibrant pieces! A great way to kickstart your weekend. Enjoy! x



I arrived home today to find a letter informing me that I had a flat inspection tomorrow (!), so I have been getting dirty cleaning up the place. A few sneezes have been released and while I am not so dainty as to have a feather duster, I thought I would share some vaguely feather related images.

peacock facepeacock feather

I love how simple they are but also how effective they are, especially as a pair (I if were to frame them I would definitely hang them together). Plus, they are also a little bit sexy, which is never a bad thing! I hope you enjoy them and don’t have to do any cleaning today!


I’m almost at the end of my Graphic Design course.  My exhibition is on Thursday, and I can’t really believe it.  I’ve been developing (fictitious) branding for a perfume by a New Zealander singer, Gin Wigmore.  I called mine Swagger, and am pretty happy with how everything’s turned out.  So that’s a relief.

In my research, I was looking at lots of tattoo style imagery, and images involving skeletons / skulls.  Hence today’s post.  So here are a few images I liked.  I hope you like them too.

Tattooed Ladies

I thought I would post a few pics of these tattooed women.  It seemed appropriate as I have just finished a design brief which was kinda tattoo based.

Not typically what you think when you think chicks and tattoos.  These days it’s more of a hot chick, Kat Von D type image that springs to mind.  But the Victorian/Edwardian tattooed woman is great.  I especially love the one where she’s lying on her side as you can see exactly where her dress would sit.  Now there’s gotta be something a little sexy about not knowing a person was tattooed and then seeing that once you get their clothes off.  A little more surprising than your average tramp stamp.

Although I don’t know too much about the tattoo culture back then (I’ve read Magpie Hall, but that’s it), I think it must have been pretty exciting.  I guess in some ways tattoos have become pretty commonplace, so it’s only really a face tattoo that will startle you these days.  But if I got a guy home and found a fully tattooed body suit underneath I’d be pretty fascinated.  Imagine the hours you could spend looking and learning.

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